Feb 26

Here are more baby photos taken last night by my sister again. This time, baby is bald.

Shaving off baby’s hair significantly changes his impression. Personally, I think bald baby is cuter, just like a baby monk. But my sister prefer baby with hair. It gives him a more intelligent look. Anyway, baby hair will grow back 6 months later.

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Feb 24
1 month old


Last night, we brought baby to my parents’ home. My sister helped to take baby photos using her Nikon D80.  Luckily baby was quite co-operative and sleep most of the time. And my mum gave baby a gold foot lace.

We will celebrate baby’s full month tomorrow. For this celebration, baby will also shave off all his hair and even his eyebrow. Pretty weird huh? This is the first time I heard it from my wife. They say baby’s hair and eyebrow will grow back even prettier. My mother has never done that with me or my siblings though.

Therefore, we took as much picture as we can before baby lose his hair :)

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Jan 27

On the first day of Chinese New Year, I’m blessed with a gift…

A baby boy…

Sound asleep...

3 hours old - sound asleep...

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