Apr 04

Look around you. Clearly look around you.

Do you see many ugly people around you? Do you meet many angry people around you? Does your boss always scold you? Do you hate your job? Do you always quarrel with your life partner? Do your children always make you angry? Do you always complain about your life? Do you often encounter tiny incident that makes you angry?

Actually what’s happening around you is a mirror of your heart and soul. When you have negative feeling with your surrounding, it shows your inner heart is in turbulence.

When you think someone is ugly, that means you’re looking with the ugly side of your heart. When you think someone is stupid, that means you’re judging people without much wisdom. And when you always get angry, that means you have the “seed” in your heart that turn on your anger.

Maybe you’re in fear. Maybe you’re hurt. And maybe you cannot forgive yourself. All these are reflected in your outer world.

If you don’t bring out those negative feelings or “seeds” from your heart, your problem will never end. You may realize the same problem keeps repeating itself in different form, different time and different place. All take root from the same “seed”.

My example

Today, I just realized something has changed in me. I was driving alone slowly in a double lane road in my home town. I was  on the left lane and wanted to turn right. However I should be in the right lane to turn right. Since there were too many cars moving slowly, I had to make my right turn from left lane.

There was a car moving slowly in the right lane slightly behind me. When I cut my lane to the right… Phawwwww!!! That car braked and honked me for more than 3 seconds.

I made my right turn anyway. But then, I realized I don’t feel anything as if no car honked me. Well, this is new to me!

Before this, I would surely feel slightly angry (very slightly I mean) if someone honked me, especially the non-stop honk. Even though I was wrong, I would get disturbed too. “What are you honking at? Can’t you wait for a while?” These tiny thoughts would come out.

So previously, turbulence easily occurs in my heart when wind blows. But now, my heart still remain calm even with wind blowing. I don’t even have to suppress the turbulence because it didn’t happen in the first place.

How did I do it? I must give credit to a “Deep Level Communication” I had end of last year. More on this in the future.

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