Jan 23

Do you find yourself having difficult time dealing with your children? Wondering why your children don’t listen to you? And why your children is beyond your control?

Recently I came across a secret on how you can get along better with your children. And I’m going to share it with you now. So listen carefully…

There are 3 golden rules here and you must follow each rule carefully in order to make it works.

Rule No. 1: Never control your children

Rule No. 2: Never control your children

Rule No. 3: Never, never ever control your children

Think about it… Do you always try to control your children? Do you arrange for your children what they should do, when they should do it and what they shouldn’t do? Do you get angry and scold your children if they don’t follow your instruction?

It’s normal to care for your children and wish for the best for them. But do you really listen to what your children have to say? Do you really listen to them as if they are the King? Do you really listen to them without interruption and comment?

Now, you have two ears. Go ahead and ask your children…

  • Do they like what you arrange for them? Do they really like it?
  • How do they feel about this family?
  • How do they feel about you?
  • Are they happy now?
  • What are they hoping for?

When you listen to them, remember to shut your mouth! You can only say these words:

  • Uh-huh…
  • Then…
  • I understand…
  • I see…
  • Yes…

When they finish talking, you can say, “Thanks for telling me all these.” Smile… :)

Most of the time, you will realize what your children think is way different from what you thought is in their mind. As a parent, you must respect their thinking. Spiritually, they are on the same level as you. They can feel what you feel. They clearly know what is happening around them.

Never think your children are just small kids and don’t know anything. It’s just their physical limitation that makes them difficult to express themselves.

Even if you’ve done anything wrong or let them down, you must apologize to them. When you learn how to respect your children, they will respect you in return.

So remember to listen to them. Listen carefully to their words and its hidden meaning.

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