Feb 08

Today is my 14th day being a father. I knew it is not easy to take care of a baby. But I didn’t know it is that hard.

Imagine waking up every hour or two at night to feed baby. In day time, we have to respond to each baby’s cry. Did baby pee or poop? Is baby hungry? Is baby uncomfortable? Most of our time is taken up by baby. And there is still many years ahead of us to raise our child.

A parent will always give the best to their children. And a parent will sacrifice themselves for their children sake.

All this let me have this thought. As a children, we really have no right to:

  • talk rudely to our parent
  • get angry with our parent
  • blame our parent

A mother’s heart

Faye Wong was my favorite singer from Hong Kong. She once said that after having a daughter, she understood how her mother felt for her. Only then she understood a mother’s love for her child.

When you’re young, you may wonder:

  • why your parent care too much for you
  • why your parent worry so much about you
  • why your parent was so upset with the words you say to them

Don’t worry. You will know the answer after you become a parent yourself.

What is filial?

Dr Lee said filial is not taking your parent out for a good meal. And filial is not bringing your parent out for travelling abroad.

What is true filial? It is not letting your parent worry. It is not letting your parent upset.

Will you exchange your life for…

When I was a teenager, another thought came to my mind. If a situation arises where I can only choose to keep my life or my mother’s life, which will I choose? Will I let my mother die for me to stay alive? Or will I sacrifice myself to let my mother stay alive?

Without hesitation, my answer was to sacrifice myself for my mother. She gave me life. And I should return it back for her.

What about exchanging my life for my father’s life? Yes I will. He gave me life. And I should return it back for him.

Then I asked myself, “What about exchanging my life for one of my brother or sister?” No I won’t.

I have two younger sisters and two younger brothers. What about exchanging my life for all my brothers and sisters? Without hesitation, my answer was “Yes, I will.”

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