Jun 09

Several days ago, I went to Maybank to deposit some cash into my account. For my last deposit, two pieces of RM50 were rejected by the cash deposit machine. I took it out and felt something wrong with one of the notes. It was too thick.

I looked at that RM50 note though ceiling light. No watermark of our King. Great, I got a fake RM 50 note!

Guess which one is fake

Guess which one is fake

At a glance, this fake RM50 note looks very similar to the real note. The King image and background are hard to differentiate. The vertical security hologram strip on the right looks exactly the same. The top  RM 50 note in above photo is the fake one.

It is amazing that this fake note even has the “50″ mark in the middle checker image when I tilt the note. And UV light also shows the short and random strips all over this fake note. Looks like counterfeiting technology is getting more advanced.

Smudged printing

Perfect security hologram but smudged printing - right RM50 note is fake

On a closer look, we can see some flaw with this fake note.

The “RM 50″, “LIMA PULUH RINGGIT” and ”BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA” wording look like being printed by inkjet printer. Smudge can be seen around the outer line. The wording in original note feels extruded with some texture. But for the fake note, it feels flat all over the surface.

The most obvious flaw, no watermark - right RM50 note is fake

The most obvious flaw - right RM50 note is fake

This is the most obvious flaw of this fake RM50 note. There is no watermark although we can see some shadow of the King. Note the fake note even has transparent “BNM RM50″ wording on the vertical strip.

Poor printing at the back

Poor printing at the back

At the back, the fake RM50 note (on top) has poor and blurry printing. The silver vertical strip also looks worn out.

Overall, this fake note feels quite thick. However, our original RM50 note also has different thickness. So it is quite hard to tell the difference by thickness alone. I also find it hard to differentiate the fake note by its surface feel. It feels about the same as original note. This fake RM50 note is much more sophisticated than the fake RM100 note I got last time.

For this fake note, the easiest way to tell is to look at the watermark. Hmm… maybe I should calculate my money by pointing it upwards toward light. Well, I think it’s time to get a money detector for my shop.

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