Jan 24

In my small hometown Kluang, Gunung Lambak (Mountain Lambak) is our only recreational area. Local folks come over here to climb this hill for exercise. They also enjoy its fresh air and nice scenery. Once a while, wild monkey and squirrel can be seen too.

So let’s begin our journey. Here we come, Gunung Lambak!

Gunung Lambak

Starting route is easy. It's nicely paved and not very steep.

Gunung Lambak

Walk slowly and enjoy the green grass...

Gunung Lambak

After pavement ends, you'll see a mini lake...

Gunung Lambak

No more pavement. But you still have natural staircase :)

Gunung Lambak

Gunung Lambak mid-stop

Here we are… the mid-stop. I’ll reach here in about 15 minutes if I climb non-stop from the bottom. After this point, the journey gets rougher. No more pavement. No more natural staircase. But you still have ropes tied to the sides to help you with the rough terrain.

From this mid-stop to the mountain top, I’ll take another 30 minutes without resting. Today I just climb until this mid-stop.  So down we go now…

Gunung Lambak

Gunung Lambak water park for kids. Some are enjoying the water. Some are just watching.

Gunung Lambak

A lake side restaurant

Have a cup of coffee while enjoying the scenery. There are also several chalets for rent. So outstation people can rest here for a night before continue their journey.

Gunung Lambak

Not to forget this nice hanging bridge

So what are you waiting for? Arrange a trip for your family or friends to Gunung Lambak this weekend. Breathe fresh air, enjoy the natural surrounding and exercise a bit. Welcome to Kluang!

If you don’t know the route, just ask me by posting a comment to this post.

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14 Responses to “Gunung Lambak recreation area”

  1. Jeyanthy Says:

    Hi, I will be visiting Kluang on Thursday till Sunday. Thought of spending a nite at this place you recommended. Any phone number I can call? How much it for a nite for 4 people? Thanks in advance


  2. James Says:

    Hi Jeyanthy,

    This is the contact I found online: 07-776 0077. However, my sister didn’t have good experience with their room. She found some hair on the bed when she checked in for her friend. So she canceled it.

    This is about 2 years ago. I am not sure about the cleanliness now. From what I see, not much people stay there. You can stay in other hotel and visit this resort in the morning. If you want to stay in this resort, be sure to request to see the room first. The air is very fresh and cool in the morning though.

  3. SC Says:

    Hello James

    My boyfriend and I are from Singapore. We intend to do a hike at Gunung Lambak, as part of our preparation to our Kota Kinabalu hike coming April. Glad to have read this post of yours.

    We intend to ride up on motorbike there. In your opinion, is it advisable? Are parking facilities at the start point?

    After much waiting for no email response from the chalet, we almost gave up the idea of staying at the chalet. Is the hill far from the town? Our back-up is to take some rest at the town hotel.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. James Says:

    Hello SC,

    Singapore to Kluang by should take 2 to 3 hours by highway. If there is no rain, ride by motorbike up here should be okay. There are plenty of parking space at the start point.

    The chalet is not recommended for stay as mentioned above. You can stay in town which is 5 minutes ride from the hill. There are budget hotel and 3 star hotel.

  5. Richard Says:

    hi james,

    our group of 11 people was planning to camp overnight in gunung belumut, but the ranger said that we cannot camp there overnight.

    is it possible to do this in gunung lambak?

    thanks so much,

  6. James Says:

    Hi Richard,

    You can camp in Gunung Lambak. There are 2 camping sites available. The fee is RM 5 for one person per night. However, you need to call the office and book a camping date first. This ensures your space is not taken up. Office number is +6 07-776 0077

    For your information, it is raining season over here right now. So you need check the weather first and prepare for it.

  7. Eliz Says:

    Pls kindly email me the reply.


    I am planning to go there with 2 kids aged 4 and 6, would they be able to do the hike? And how is the weather these days? Hot or manageable?

    From base to top back to base, how many hours would it take?

    And at the water park, is it just the water play facilities? Or also have others? Where do you recommend I stay?

    One last question from the KTM stop to the mountain, is it far?

  8. James Says:

    Hi Eliz,

    For the kids, they can go until the mid stop. It is 15 minutes non-stop from the base. From the mid stop onward to the top, the route is quite steep and dangerous for the kids. From mid stop to the top, it takes another 30 minutes non-stop.

    Weather these days is okay. Morning is the best time. Slight rain in the afternoon with occasionally hot weather.

    The water park only has water play facilities and a restaurant besides it. You are not recommended to stay in the Gunung Lambak resort. There is no well known hotel in Kluang. Biggest and more expensive hotel is Prime City Hotel, besides bus station.

    There is also newly renovated hotel called Nagaria Inn in Taman Intan. You can try that one. To be safe, view the room first before checking in.

    From KTM station to the mountain is less than 10km.

  9. JEAN Says:

    If I don’t have self transport. How do I get to the hill after alight at KTM (Singapore – Kluang) ??
    Is there any public transport or rent taxi. Is the public transport easy to access ??

  10. James Says:

    Hi Jean, you should be able to go there by taxi. You may need to ask the railway staff for taxi number to call. Taxi stand is around 1km from railway station. If I am free, I can also bring you there. Just let me know when you’re coming.

  11. Ding Siew Says:

    Dear James, my friends and i are planning to trek Gunung Lambak this December, although we are from JB but we plan to stay a night or two there to slowly enjoy the nature there. Are there public shower place for people who camp there? and December seems like a rainy season, would you suggest us to not do that? thank you! :)

  12. James Says:

    Dear Ding Siew,

    I just found their phone number is no longer in use. Maybe it is changed.

    There are public toilet at the base. But I don’t recall there is shower area. Inside the water park, there should be public shower area. Camping is not recommended due to rainy reason. You can always stay at hotel nearby. The nearest is Hotel Setia, 1.5km from Gunung Lambak.

  13. amirul Says:

    hi James. i read all the comment. the latest comment from Ding Siew got a same plan with me and my friends. we all planning to go on 12/13 disembar 2015. we want to make a camping and bbq. can we do that? do you have a number that i can cottect?

  14. James Says:

    I just went to Gunung Lambak office today. Please contact Mr. Bidin at +6 012-7516358. New office number is +6 07-7771200. Call his mobile number first because sometimes he is not in office.

    Camping rate is still the same at RM5 per person. There are 4 toilets (not shower room) where you can take shower. Water bucket is available. I think there is BBQ place but you need to call to confirm first.

    I am afraid December is not a good time for camping due to raining season. Tonight is raining too. However there are also chalet available as backup in case it rains.

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