Jan 22

Just when I was about to create a new post, I browsed around other blogs through Google. And when I saw blogs with thousands of posts, I thought to myself, “My god… how am I going to have that much posts? When I have that much posts and those high traffic, I’ll be relaxing at home without having to work! When will that happen?”

Then I look at my blog. Oppsss… only two posts. Hmmm…..

Then, I recall the following words of wisdom:

  • A thousand mile journey begins with a single step – Chinese proverb
  • How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
  • Do not compete yourself with others. It will be hard on you. Compete yourself against yourself. Make sure you improve each year – Robert Kiyosaki book

Well, I guess I have to keep posting continuously non-stop. Here’s my math:
3 posts a day =  90 posts a month = 1095 posts a year = 10950 posts in 10 years

There you go… more than 10,000 posts in 10 years. I can retire by then :)

Hopefully, my math is correct. Here you go, my third posts….

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