Feb 19

Do you believe in only what you can see or hear? Do you believe in only what you can touch? And do you believe in only what your conscious brain can accept as truth?

I see most people don’t believe in anything they cannot see, hear or touch. They just close their brain or laugh at others for being absurd. They feel safe with what they know and are familiar with.

Take these for examples:

  • Do you believe in ghost or spiritual being?
  • Do you believe in reincarnation or life after death?
  • Do you believe your parents, siblings and lover have past life relationship with you?
  • Do you believe in aliens?
  • Do you believe some aliens are trying to take over Earth from human?
  • Do you believe another planet is ready for us when Earth is destroyed?

I know it’s hard to believe it all. Me too. But I won’t reject these thoughts either. I will always open for the possibilities because what we perceive is rather limited.

Can you see it?

Imagine you have a blind friend called Alex who doesn’t have eyes since birth. Try explaining to him what you see. You may say, “Alex, do you know we can see the color red, blue and yellow? It’s really a beautiful world out there.”

Alex may answer, “What color? What is beautiful? I see nothing at all. Are you lying to me?”

In fact, even if you have normal eyesight, you still cannot see infrared, ultraviolet and whole lots of electromagnetic spectrum that we know exist. Therefore, even if you cannot see something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Can you hear it?

Now imagine you have another friend called John who doesn’t have ears since birth. Try showing him what you hear. You may use all sorts of hand language. But at the end, John still couldn’t understand what is sound.

In fact, even if you have normal hearing, you still cannot hear sound with frequency below 20Hz and above 20,000Hz. That’s why you cannot hear elephant communicating when they use lower frequency sound up to 5 miles away. Therefore, even if you cannot hear something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The actual reality

Are there other realities we don’t know of? I guess there are many.

Ant lives in a 2D world. For ant, the world is flat no matter where they go. Imagine telling an ant our world of 3D. This can be quite hard. We human live in a 3D world. Can we imagine living in a 4D world? Pretty hard, isn’t it?

Tell a fish what it is like living on land. Tell a cat what it is like living in water. And tell a human what it is like living in…

Tip of iceberg

I believe our reality is only a tip of the iceberg. Our senses are very limited. And there are many other realities out there we can hardly imagine.

So next time you hear something that sounds absurd, do not jump into your conscious judgment too soon. Never use the word “Impossible”

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