Feb 15

When I visited my friend last Chinese New Year, he showed me a new pet for his children – the sugar glider. I’ve seen dog, cat, terrapin or hamster as pet. But a sugar glider as pet? That was new to me!

His kids certainly love their new pet. It crawls on their hand and body. It can hide in their shirt collar or pocket. And they can bring it anywhere they want to go.

This sugar glider feeds on small piece of fruit, especially grape and apple. It gives out tiny and round poop which is non-sticky. So you can clean up its poop easily. And it sure loves to stick with its owner! After finishing its fruit, it will search for its owner. If the owner is not around, it will call her with a puffing sound.

Here are some photos and videos I took with my Sony Ericsson W760i…


See the sugar glider?


I got the sugar glider!


What a delicious apple!

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