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This morning I called the maternity center to ask about our baby’s test result. If Streptococcus B infection is positive, baby has to get more antibiotic jabs. If the result is negative, baby can go home after finishing his photo therapy.

The nurse picked up the phone and told me, “Your baby has bacteria infection. Doctor will explain in detail to you.”

This didn’t sound good. Why our baby couldn’t come home smoothly? I told my wife about this. And she looked disappointed too.

She even blamed herself for not having labor pain much earlier for enough time to get her intravenous antibiotic treatment.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “Maybe it doesn’t look so bad as it sounds. Maybe the infection level is very low. Let’s hear the explanation from doctor first.”

To maternity center

Today is also our scheduled appointment with doctor who will check my wife’s condition. So we went to Batu Pahat town again this afternoon with my parents. We haven’t seen baby for 3 days. And my wife missed him very much.

After arriving the maternity center, we went upstairs to see baby. He was receiving photo therapy with 7 short fluorescent lights on top. He wore a protective cover on his eyes for protection from the strong light.

When we went into the room, baby was pooping the golden cake. A nurse helped to clean him up. And that will be my job when baby comes back. Opppsss…..

Meeting the doctor

Soon it was our turn to meet doctor.

“Your baby has no infection at his ear, nose and mouth,” doctor said. “He only has infection at his navel. But this is a common and less dangerous infection. It’s the E.Coli. There is no GBS (Group B Streptococcus) infection.”

Wow… I was very glad to hear that  :)

“So your baby can go home now,” the doctor continued. “Oh… he still has to do photo therapy.”

“Can we do the photo therapy at our hometown Kluang?” I asked.

“Well, it’s only for one more day,” he said. “You can pick up your baby tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay” I agreed. “Do we have to test for baby jaundice tomorrow?”

“No need,” doctor said. “Your baby’s level is not very high, only 13 mg/dL. So his jaundice is not very serious. After 3 days of photo therapy, he can go home.”

Dr Lim (right) and us - Baby has no infection :)

Dr Lim (right) and us - Baby has no infection :)

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