Jun 09


It’s hard to capture photo of our baby smiling. Firstly, he doesn’t smile always. Secondly, he moves a lot when he smiles. So the photo often becomes blurry.

My wife shot the above photo at ISO 400, 1/2s. Although a little blurry, we like it very much. Here are more baby smiling photos.

Before bathing

Before bathing

On the sofa

On the sofa

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4 Responses to “Smiling baby”

  1. Moi Yih Says:

    This one is soooo cute! What’s the aperture of your lens? open the widest and try to get your shutter speed faster.. 1/2 is too slow!

  2. James Pang Says:

    The aperture is F5 at 34mm. We always set it at maximum using Program mode. Next time, we will consider buying a lens with larger aperture. Another way is to double our room’s bulb wattage to make it brighter.

  3. Moi Yih Says:

    eh can u set ur lens until 3.5 aperture? use A mode and dial to the biggest aperture. the camera will auto set the speed for u… if too slow, increase ur iso. at least get 1/30 or 1/60.

  4. James Pang Says:

    It’s the same. For Nikon D60 lens kit, maximum aperture at 34mm is F5. For F3.5 aperture, 28mm must be used which caused unnatural shape. ISO 800 or higher produces unnatural color and noise.

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