May 04

Recently I just discovered something important about human interaction. The discovery is: When other people get angry with you, they are actually not angry with you.

Huh? What am I talking about?

When people scold you, they are not really angry with you. Well, they are actually having a deep emotional problem hidden within their heart. We call this “seed”. And you happen to trigger their “seed” and caused them to react angrily. Here are some examples.

Poor Jack

Jack has a poor childhood. His friends could buy anything they liked. But Jack could only envy them. Some of Jack’s friend even liked to show off to Jack and even teased him as a poor boy. This unhappy childhood made Jack feel depress when he grows up. He even unknowingly hates rich people.

One day, Jack’s friend bought a new car and told Jack happily, “Hi Jack. Look at my new car!”

Immediately, this triggered the “seed” inside Jack and he replied angrily, “So what? You think you’re very rich?”

Oppss… Jack’s friend was speechless. He had no intention to look down on Jack. It was not his fault at all. The problem was he triggered Jack’s “seed” of poverty and insult during childhood. And this “seed” caused Jack’s anger, not his friend’s remark.

Low self esteem Suzy

Suzy was not a very clever girl when she was a kid. She was not very stupid either. However, her father often scolds her for the mistakes she did. And he always screams her, “Why are you so stupid?”

This made Suzy feel very sad and insulted. Eventually, this “seed” was carried into Suzy’s adulthood.

One day, in the middle of a conversation, her friend said, “Suzy, you don’t know anything about global warming?”

Again, this triggered Suzy’s “seed” of childhood sadness and insult. Immediately, Suzy showed an unhappy face and got angry with her friend. Of course, the conversation turned sour. That innocent question was the trigger. On the surface, Suzy was angry with her friend. But actually, the inner “seed” is the real culprit.

Same words and same situation but different reaction

Imagine saying the same words at exactly the same situation to different people. You will of course get different reactions. Try to smile and say “you are very beautiful tonight” to different girls on the same occasion.

  • Suzy may think, “Don’t lie to me. I know I’m not”
  • Irene may think, “Man are such a jerk! They can say anything to cheat your heart.”
  • Mary may smile and say, “Well, thank you for your compliment.”

Although these 3 girls are equally pretty, they may have different reactions caused by different “seed” inside them.

You may have some experience with certain people who seem to burst out in anger easily. You cannot understand how you often cause their anger even with harmless remark. Their heart seems to be filled with lots of landmines. And you often ignite these landmines no matter how careful you walk through them.

The solution?

The fastest and most effective solution is to remove the inner “seed” in their heart. When most “seeds” are removed, its force disappears. So no matter what you say to Suzy, she just smiles to you. No “seed”, no trigger, no reaction.

So how to remove the “seed”? I think the best and easiest way is through “Deep Level Communication“. It not only removes your “seed” from your childhood, it can even remove “seed” from your past life. Hard to believe but true. With thousands of case studies, the reported results are remarkable.

I am one of them who benefited a lot from this special communication method :)

So now I know. People may seem to get angry with me. But they are actually affected by the power of their own “seed”. Therefore, I won’t feel so sad or feel the urge to defend myself. Instead, I feel sorry for them. Of course, I can help to remove their “seed” if they believe me.

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