Jan 23

Death is an experience all of us must go through. Some people fear it and some didn’t even dare to think about it. What happens after we die? Where will we go? Do we disappear just like that?

Near Death Experience, or NDE is an experience of a person who temporarily died but later become alive again. This experience is very important to doctors or scientists who are interested to learn more about death.

Various Near Death Experiences have been collected all over the world, across different cultures and religions. And it all turn out to be quite the similar experience.

Most reported seeing bright light and feeling love and peace. Then, all their life experiences were flashed back starting from birth to that moment of death. It was like seeing their life stories in fast forward.

Jack’s NDE

For example, Jack saw he and his friend bullied a small kid in school. They surrounded the kid, kicked him, drew on his face and took away his pant. That poor kid cried and struggled.

At this moment, Jack clearly felt exactly what that poor kid felt – fear, humiliation and sadness. Then he saw his own face. He was laughing and having fun bullying the kid. He realized how ugly he looked. How could he do such a terrible thing? Jack was upset for himself.

Then Jack saw himself helping an old woman crossing the street when he was older. He saw that woman’s smiling face. He could clearly feel her happiness and gratefullness. At that moment, Jack was very happy.

And Jack continued to feel all his life experiences until the end. For Jack, death was not a scary experience. It was seeing all the bad things he had done that scared him. It was feeling the hurt and sadness of other people that scared him.

And this made him wanting to return back to Earth – to start all over again.

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