Feb 08
Harmonious yinyang movement


Today I saw an interesting animated yinyang logo. I had been gazing at this logo for a long time. The movement is really marvelous! Each element is so close. Yet they don’t touch each other at all.

Yinyang logo is the foundation of Chinese I-Ching oracle. Yin stands for negative, female, cold, etc. while yang stands for positive, male, hot, etc. The yinyang logo signifies a harmonious and balanced relationship between yin and yang. Yin exist in yang and yang exist in yin, as represented by the two dots.

The yinyang foundation further expands to the study of Fengshui (chinese geomancy), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Chinese fortune telling. All these studies use the theory of yin yang and the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth).

For me, I have a little knowledge on Fengshui, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese fortune telling. I have barely touched the surface but I have felt its profound complexity. So I gave up. Maybe it was because I couldn’t find a master to teach me. From my experience, learning from book is useless. As you may have heard, knowing a little bit of something is dangerous.

Take Fengshui for example. This Chinese geomancy is getting very popular worldwide. Many Fengshui book came out. And many Fengshui speaker arise on the stage.

Do you believe you can really learn Fengshui by reading a few books and attending a few seminars? You may have underestimated this Chinese geomancy. For me, finding a Fengshui expert is much better than studying it myself. If not, I’ll be wasting my time messing around with my furniture. Or I’ll be wasting my money buying useless Fengshui ornament.

Hmm… I think I can see the above yinyang logo forever… :)

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