Apr 21

Last weekend, we went to Vivocity shopping mall in Singapore after attending a birthday celebration at Marina Mandarin Hotel. Over there, for the first time I used an ATM machine to reload my Autopass cash card. In the process, I took out my ATM card from the ATM machine and inserted the cash card for reload.

After pressing a few buttons, I have successfully reloaded the cash card. Then, the machine printed a receipt and the screen prompted me to remove my card. I was blank for a second. I had the receipt and ATM card in my hand. But I forgot to take out the cash card from the machine…

You see, I always walk away from ATM machine with a receipt and ATM card in my hand. And now I had both. So I should walk away. However, I felt something was wrong but couldn’t tell what.

So I walked away slowly. After a few seconds, I realized I was holding the ATM card. Where is the Autopass card? I turned back to the ATM machine and a guy smiled to me. He returned me the cash card. I smiled and thanked him.

Have you encountered similar incident before? You felt something was wrong but couldn’t tell why. And only later you realized what was wrong.

I did have several similar incidents before this. It mostly happened when I forgot to take something. Sometimes when I closed my house door and was walking towards my car, I felt I forgot to take something but couldn’t think of anything. And after I went away in my car, it struck my mind, “Oh yes! I forgot to take that!”

Listening to your inner voice

This shows that my inner voice was telling me, “Hey, you forgot something!” Some says it is our subconscious mind. And some says it is our higher mind, true self or soul.

Whatever it is, this voice is subtle. It has fast and accurate response. And it has many times the wisdom of your conscious mind. Listen to it and you will lead a wonderful and fulfilling life.

So how to listen to your inner voice?

If you have tons of work to do everyday…
If you don’t even have the time to eat…
If your mind is full of negative thoughts…
If you always worry and fear…

How could you listen to your subtle inner voice when you have so much rubbish in your mind?

Empty your mind

So the first step is to relax and empty your mind. One suggestion is to take a few minutes off in a day and meditate. Just sit comfortably on your sofa, close your eye and empty your mind for 10 to 20 minutes everyday. Remember not to fall asleep!

At first, you may be bombarded with many thoughts when you meditate. But with practice, you should gradually empty your mind completely.

After some time, you may have a more peaceful mind. And while you are peaceful, you can hear some of your inner voices talking to you. Trust them. Follow their guidance. That is the true YOU afterall.

While relaxing, you can ask yourself any question. Here is a simple exercise for you. Take 3 deep breath and relax yourself. Read out the first question 5 times. Answer yourself. Express your inner feeling and thought. Then repeat the second question 5 times and answer yourself. Repeat this for the other questions.

  • Why am I here?
  • What am I doing?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • What terrible things have I done?
  • What is my fear?
  • For how long I still have to suffer?
  • For how long I still have to feel hurt?
  • Why am I still here?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • What is the meaning of my life?
  • What have I lost in my life?
  • Am I lonely?
  • What am I desiring?
  • Whom am I lying to?
  • Who got hurt?
  • Who obstruct me?

Listen to the answer from your inner voice. You can always repeat these questions any time you want. With each repetition, you may experience different realization and wisdom.

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