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One day when I was 6 years old, I woke up from my afternoon nap and cried sadly. I went to my dad in the kitchen and told him, “Dad, I don’t want to die!”

My dad smiled and said, “Don’t worry son. We won’t die so soon.”

When I grew up, I would have this unpleasant thought once a while. “When I die, I would disappear completely from this universe.  I mean I would really disappear. No more me. No more senses. No more feeling. Nothing. The world still moves on… without me. I exist no more.”

Every time I thought of this, my chest sunk. My heart bottomed. I was scared and hopeless. It is just the matter of time when that day arrives.

When I began to think of “What happens after I die?” I would struggle to avoid thinking into it. I dare not face it. But often, I couldn’t avoid it and continued to think deeper. And that made my heart sunk one more time.

Avoidance. This was how I faced this scary thought of dying.

How about reincarnation?

Of course I’ve heard of reincarnation. There was a story on how a Tibetan monk leader knew where he would reincarnate to when he was dying. After he died, his followers went to search for him who had reincarnated. Indeed there was a house as described by him before dying. After the followers found the small kid, they would test him first to make sure he is their reincarnated leader.

The followers showed several brushes to the kid and asked him which one was his. The kid would then pick up exactly the same brush he used in his previous life. The followers continued the test with his other belongings. And the kid always picked up the correct thing belonged to him. With this confirmation, the followers would accept the kid as their leader again.

I’ve also watch a TV documentary showing someone who was hypnotized and mentioned about his past life. He died as a sailor when his ship sank. Indeed, further checking confirmed the name of the mentioned sunken ship and sailor.

But with all these evidences, my fear of death still had not faded. I would still feel the sunken heart every time I thought of death. “Everyone wants to go to Heaven. But no one wants to die.”


Now, I am happy to say my fear of death has disappeared completely. No matter how I think of disappearing from Earth upon death, I don’t feel the sunken heart anymore. Why?

Because I’ve experienced death many times! And I did this with “Deep Level Communication“.

In my first 2.5-hour session, I saw my past life as an ancient African leader. I had several followers. And I talked in front of them while standing on a big stone.

“Forward the time to the day you die in that life period,” the communicator instructed.

“I was lying on a stone,” I said slowly after pausing for a few seconds.

“How old were you?” the communicator asked.

“70 plus,” I answered.

“Anyone besides you?” the communicator asked.

“My wife,” I said. “She was crying… And she cried just like the way my current wife cries.”

“Anyone else besides you?” the communicator asked.

“Hmmm… my young son,” I said.

“Is your son related to anyone in your present life?” the communicator asked.

“My younger brother,” I answered.

“What happened the moment you die,” the communicator asked.

“I floated upward and saw myself, my crying wife and my son from top,” I said.

“How do you feel,” the communicator asked.

I paused for a moment and answered, “Nothing… I feel nothing.”

“Now, go back again to the moment after you died. How to you feel?” the communicator asked.

I paused a few seconds and replied, “Nothing… Although I saw my wife was crying and was very sad, I felt peaceful.”

The communication session went on for a while. And after I finished my session, the young communicator said, “Death is nothing to be feared of.”

And I didn’t tell him anything about my fear of death!

Died, died and died…

My younger brother had a hard time starting his career. He often quarrels with my parents. And that made my parents, especially my dad, very upset.

So for my last 2.5-hour session, I started by mentioning about the relationship problem between my brother and my parents. By moving into earlier and other similar incident, I recalled various childhood incidents where I injured myself and bleed.

As I kept moving the time frame to earlier incident, I saw my past life as a snake crawling on the grass. I saw the leg of a traveler who was walking in front of me. Then, I glided forward and bite his leg. But later, I was stabbed to death by several travelers using wooden sticks.

Then I saw myself as fish, rabbit, mantis, crab and various birds. And I was stepped, eaten, knocked, stabbed, chopped and shot to death, again and again.

At last, the communicator asked, “You saw yourself died again and again. How is this related to your brother?”

“Huh?” I thought. “My brother? I was having an ‘exciting’ time seeing myself dying again and again. I almost forgot I mentioned about my brother’s problem earlier.”

“Errr…” I said. “After suffering, there will be a new beginning. All these are just the experiences for us. Maybe my brother is having his hard time now. After getting through it, he will have a good beginning again.”

With this, my final session ended. And I said jokingly, “Aiyaa… I died horribly!”

Well, the amazing thing is that my brother indeed improved his attitude towards my parents. His business is getting better too. All these positive changes happened in just a few weeks.

My mother told me while smiling, “Your brother has indeed changed! That day he asked me whether I want to buy some food for meal. He wanted to buy for me. Previously he would only go out and buy his own meal without asking us anything.”

Wow! I never thought that what happened to me in the past can affect my brother.

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