May 05

Isn’t it great if we can easily get what we want? Just think of what you want and snap! You will get it.

Is it possible? The answer is yes!

However, many circumstances prevent you from getting what you want. You may have read “The Secret” and follow its method consistently. You may think, and think, and think… But you still don’t get what you wish for. Why?

Let say you want to start a new business. You’re excited of its possibility. You strongly believe you will succeed and earn lots of money. You are full of confidence. You can imagine your business getting lots of happy customer.

At this moment, research showed that you immediately gathers lots of positive energy around you. This positive energy can move you toward achieving your dream.

However, you suddenly have these thought:

  • What if customer doesn’t like my product?
  • What if not many people come to my shop?
  • What if sales cannot cover expenses?
  • What if I cannot find good employee?
  • What if …
  • What if …
  • What if …

At this moment, research also showed that your previous positive energy suddenly disperses. Each of these negative thoughts pulls you back from achieving your dream. If you have 1 positive thought and 7 negative thoughts, which thought do you think has more power? Which direction you will be heading?

At first, I had a hard time grasping this idea. Think of only what we want? Never had negative thoughts?

What if (again!) unforeseen circumstances happen? Don’t we have to consider it? Don’t we have to prepare a backup plan? I once heard that optimistic people invent the airplane while pessimistic people invent the parachute. However, I slowly understand the power of focused and positive thought, without any negative thought at all.

Mr Ling and 512 Sichuan earthquake

Mr Ling is the founder of “Deep Level Communication” from Taiwan. On 12th May 2008, he was giving a talk in China. When the 512 earthquake in China Sichuan occurred, he knew many people need emotional counseling using his method, especially those who had lost their family.

Immediately, Mr Ling announced his intention. He wanted more than 50 DLC communicators (emotional counselor) from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore to gather in Chengdu, Sichuan after 3 days.

However, someone told him, “It is impossible to gather so many people from different country in such a short time. They need time to apply for visa too.”

Mr Ling smiled and said, “I understand. I want them to gather in 3 days.”

Then another person told him, “It is impossible! We need to get authority approval for this mission. It takes more than 3 days for this.”

Mr Ling smiled and said, “I understand. I want them to gather in 3 days.”

Then another person told him, “Impossible! With this earthquake, many infrastructures are destroyed. We may experience many difficulties in getting there.”

Mr Ling smiled and said, “I understand. I want them to gather in 3 days.”

As you can see, Mr Ling only focused on what he wanted. He believed it strongly and didn’t allow any negative thought to enter his mind. Eventually, they managed to gather in Chengdu in 3 days. Their emotional counseling was very successful. Local government even gave them an appreciation gift.

Requirement for success

To make your dream come true, positive thought alone is not sufficient. You will always stumble and fail if you have negative “seed” in your heart, such as fear of loss. Consciously, you want success. But subconsciously or spiritually, you want to avoid it. Eventually, you keep attracting failures.

How to remove these negative “seeds”? Mr Ling’s Deep Level Communication (DLC) is a very effective method.

For now, you can try to think only good thoughts without any negative thoughts. Focus your energy on that positive thought. Make it stronger day by day. Never think of “what if” for a second. I believe this is a much better way to achieve our dream.

If you still experience failure, you may need to attend the DLC session to clear out your “seeds” which prevent you from achieving success.

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