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After arriving the maternity center, the nurse did some registration first. After 10 minutes, my wife went into the maternity room while I waited outside.

Then, the doctor came in casual clothing, wearing short pant. After checking my wife’s condition, he came out and explained to me. He said, “Your wife’s vaginal opening is 3 to 4 cm now. She will definitely give birth today.  And it will be very fast.”

“Just now she vomitted again,” he added. “But we’ve given her medicine to reduce vomit. If you see her vomit again, do not worry. Some women experience that during labor.”

On the labor bed

Doctor brought me to the maternity room. I saw my wife lying on the labor bed receiving drip through her finger. She seemed calm. I walked to her bed side to accompany her. Then, the doctor went out after checking everything was in order. There were 3 nurses in that room.

Then, my wife experience the pain again! She held my hand tightly. And the pain went away after a few seconds.

After 2 or 3 rounds of pain, a nurse came to check her condition. She said, “The membrane has broken. Do you feel like pooping?”

“Yes I want to poop,” my wife answered.

“Ok! Ok! Just poop it out!” the nurse said while rushing to call the doctor. Then I saw those nurses walked back and forth the maternity room to gather all the necessary tools. They were quick.

Doctor came in

In a short while, doctor came in. He then wore a transparent shield to cover his face. It looked funny. But his face looked serious and calm.

“When the pain comes again…” he said calmly. “Just push hard at your bottom.”

And he went on to clean the area around her vagina with antiseptic solution. Later, he covered her abdomen with an antiseptic cloth.

Giving labor

Soon, my wife experienced the pain again. “Push!!” the nurse shouted. And push she did. A nurse helped by pushing her stomach area downwards. I held her head up by supporting her pillow with my hand. She even bite a small piece of cloth the nurse gave.

After a few seconds, the pain went away. Everything settled down temporarily. The doctor examined her vaginal opening and said, “You didn’t push well just now. But I’m not blaming you. Maybe you’re too nervous. Remember concentrate your energy at your abdomen, not your chest or stomach.”

“When the pain comes,” the doctor continued, “take a deep breath, hold it and push hard. Don’t breathe while pushing.”

Push again

Soon, the pain came again. “Push!!” the nurse yelled. “Push as if you haven’t poop for a long long time! For how long you haven’t poop?”

“Open up your eyes!” Another nurse said. “Look at the doctor!”

For me, I would repeat all their instructions to my wife in Chinese. The doctor just kept silence and watched her progress all the time.

After this round of pain, the doctor said, “For this time, you pushed well.” And all of us waited for her next pain. My wife was very tired and wanted to close her eyes. It may be caused by the anti-vomit medicine she got just now. A nurse helped to massage her abdomen while we were waiting.

At one time, the amniotic fluid spurted out toward doctor’s face! Luckily he had the transparent shield. Now I know that the shield is for.

Push, push, push…

After 2 or 3 more rounds of pushing, the progress didn’t look good. At one time, the doctor mentioned again, “Hmm… this time you didn’t push correctly. Last push was better.”

My wife was nervous too. For about twice she jerked up her back and twisted to the side when she was in pain. And we held her back to lie down flat. At first, she exerted her force on her chest and stomach. She didn’t know she should push as if she was pooping or passing motion.

When she wasn’t in pain, all of us waited silently for the next round. This made her even more nervous. Opening both her legs wide apart and letting the doctor and 3 nurses see her vagina made her uncomfortable too.

Doctor’s help

At last the doctor said, “Okay, I will help you now. Dragging this for too long is not good.” So they decided to use vacuum suction to help pull out the baby. The nurses prepared the devices in a short time.

In one or two more pushes, baby’s head was out at last. “Okay, everything is fine now,” the doctor said. “Baby’s head is out.”

Baby came out

One final push and baby’s body came out. “Uwaaahhh….” our baby cried. The doctor smiled and said, “You see, your baby cried before I hit his buttock.”

My wife was gasping slowly for her breath. She seemed to laugh and cry at the same time. (I don’t know how to describe it)

“Our son came out…” she said. She continued her laugh/cry for about half a minute. Looking at her, I was touched and almost cried. “Yes, our son has came out,” I said.

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