Feb 21

Are you a TV fan who couldn’t miss your daily prime time TV show? Be careful. You may be missing the prime time in your life.

Let say your prime time TV show starts from 8am to 10pm daily. So you use up 2 hours in front of your television daily. Here’s the calculation:

1 day – 2 hours
1 week – 14 hours
1 month – 60 hours
1 year – 730 hours

Assuming you work 8 hours a day in your daily job.

730 / 8 hours = 91 working days = 4 working months (5 days a week)

Think about that! By watching 2 hours of prime show everyday, you waste up to 4 months of your working time every year! What could you do in 4 months?

Robert Kiyosaki wrote, “What you do in your free time determines how successful you are in your life.”

And one of the former US president said, “If you often catch prime time TV show, you won’t have prime time in your life.”

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