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Only recently I found out we can unknowingly cultivate baby’s habit, either good or bad one.

My friend is a song writer. He sings for his baby every night until his baby sleeps. With this, he hopes to cultivate baby’s artistic sense. Maybe baby will become a renown artist when he grows up. However, he unknowingly cultivates a habit for his baby – the habit of listening to his daddy’s song before sleeping.

When he goes outstation to other city, they have a problem. Baby couldn’t sleep without listening to his song!  His wife and mother-in-law have difficulty in bringing his baby to sleep. Baby keeps crying and couldn’t sleep.

This is just one example

Some parents gently pat baby’s butt to let her sleep. After some time, baby couldn’t sleep without butt patting! So daddy or mummy has to keep patting baby even they’re very tired.

Some parents gently swing their baby with their arm or rocker bed. So baby always want to be swung. The habit of sucking pacifier or thumb may be hard to get rid of too.

If you seldom wash baby’s pillow cover, baby may get used to her scent on the pillow. So you have to use that particular pillow for your baby all the time. When you bring baby out for travel, remember to bring her pillow! Even when your children has grown up to an adult, she may still want the same pillow to sleep!

Controlling baby sleeping time

Sleeping time can be a habit for baby too. As parent, we are most afraid of baby who wakes up and cries at night. Baby may sleep a lot in day time and eyes wide open at night. What to do about this?

As for some parents, we initially were afraid to wake baby up when he is sleeping. We just let baby sleeps until he wakes up and cries for milk. This way, baby control his sleeping time, not us. Here’s a tip I got recently.

If baby sleeps at 11pm to 12am, here is what you can do. At 6 to 7 pm, wake baby up for a while. You can clean her face, massage her body or play a while with her. Just let baby stays awake. After that, she may continue to sleep. But at around 11pm, wake her up again to feed her milk.

Baby usually sleeps after she is full. Continue this routine at the predetermined time everyday. Gradually, your baby will follow your timetable.

I hope this article can make it easier for you to take care of baby in the future.

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