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What are the signs for labor? We needed to know this so that we can arrive the maternity center at Batu Pahat town in time. Driving from our hometown Kluang to Batu Pahat town takes around 45 minutes.

Our doctor told us to arrive at the earliest labor sign. My wife needed intravenous antibiotic injection for her Streptococcus B bacteria. If she can receive 5 antibiotic shots within 12 hours before labor, our baby can avoid antibiotic jab altogether.

The doctor said, “First sign of labor is short abdominal pain happening in interval. At first, you may feel painful for 15 seconds.  Then the pain stops for a while before coming back. Gradually, the pain duration gets longer. You may feel the pain for 25 seconds and later, for 35 seconds. But the pain seldom last for more than 45 seconds.”

“If you continuously feel painnnnnn….. , that is not labor sign.”

“Second sign of labor is bloody show (red) discharged from vagina. And third labor sign is amniotic fluid (clear) discharge. If you have either one of these 3 labor signs, you must come here immediately. Some women still forget these signs even though they had given birth a few times before!”

Labor signs

It was the first day of Chinese lunar new year, 26th January 2009. My wife woke me up early in the morning. She said her abdomen was in pain. She thought she had stomach pain due to the food she took last night. But she already felt the pain a few times.

So we took an alarm clock to count the pain duration. It was around one minute. Was this the pain our doctor told us?

Then the pain stopped for a few minutes and came back again. This should be it! I called the maternity center to ask the nurse about this condition. And the nurse told us to go over there.

Suddenly my wife vomited and I catch it with a dustbin. It was the Propolis water she drank just now. She always take Propolis to sooth her stomach pain. But now, she vomited all out. After that, she still felt the pain coming in interval.

To the maternity center

So we quickly packed our stuff to go to the maternity center. Luckily my wife had prepared a bag with her cloths and baby cloths. I just took some bathroom products and also some oat for her breakfast in the car. She even insisted taking a quick shower before going out.

And off we went to the meternity center. Before going out, her uncle told me, “Don’t be nervous. Drive carefully.”

I said, “I know.” Actually I wasn’t nervous at all.

On the road

On our way to Batu Pahat town, my wife took some oat for her breakfast. Then she vomitted for the second time. Luckily I had prepared a big plastic bag for her. This time, she vomited the oat she just took.

After that, she continued to experience the pain in a few minutes interval.

In the early morning, we had a smooth journey. Not many car on the road. And finally, we arrived safely at the maternity center in Batu Pahat town…

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