Mar 09
I can't get in this shirt!

I can't get into this shirt!

Recently we tried to put baby on a shirt our relative gave us. There is a big silver star in the center with the wording “Daddy’s Super”. But to our surprise, baby can’t get into this shirt!

I read the shirt’s tag. It says “0 to 6 months”. But baby is only 5 weeks. Actually the opening for baby’s head is too small. So if you’re buying baby’s shirt, remember to choose the one with buttons for the head opening (on the shoulder). You can unbotton it to let baby’s head go through first. Then you can button it back nicely.

Baby grows fast. So if you still have some new baby cloths, remember to let baby wear it. If not, she may not fit in after a few months. Speaking of baby’s cloth, here are some tips for you.

  • Choose 100% cotton cloth. Synthetic cloth may produce some chemicals which are harmful to baby’s delicate skin.
  • Avoid buying cloth with strong colors. Stronger and brighter color needs more coloring and chemicals solvents applied on the cloth. This may cause skin allergy for baby. No color is the best color.
  • Remember to wash new baby cloth before using it. Rinse thoroughly to remove unwanted detergent residues. And use as little detergent as possible.

Thanks to our relatives who gave us some of their baby’s cloth. Actually I prefer baby wearing used cloth since most of the chemicals have been washed out. And some Chinese elderly believes letting baby wear used cloth for the first time after birth makes the baby easier to take care of. Well, no harm trying.

I give up!

I give up!

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2 Responses to “Baby’s shirt too small”

  1. Wei Says:

    Haha, i can’t see he looks like you or your wife ;p
    may be it’s combination of two of you…

  2. James Pang Says:

    Most people said baby looks more like me. So my wife is a bit jealous :)

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