Aug 09

At 6 months old, baby is very playful and active. He grabs anything within his reach and puts it into his mouth. Baby also has a hard time spending time on his own. He gets bored easily and cries for us to hug him after only a few minutes. This of course keeps daddy and mummy busy for baby.

Here are two videos showing baby laugh out loud when we play with him.


Right now, our baby is used to having people hugging him and playing with him. So it is very hard for us to let baby on his own. We have cultivated this habit for baby since he was small. And we can hardly change it now.

I know some people would let baby on their own since small. They would avoid hugging or carrying baby around. They would also avoid playing or talking with baby. They only do 4 things to baby: feed her, bath for her, let her poop and let her sleep. This frees them to do their work. So if you’re a busy person and need to take care of your baby, remember to follow this method.

However, I wonder whether this is good for baby’s growth in the long term. For my wife and me, we seem to have no choice now. Baby’s habit has been formed. So we have to keep ourself busy with baby. Anyway, we try to let baby become more independant whenever we can.

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