Dec 24

With a blink, 3 months has passed. And baby is 11 months old now. Here are some photos of baby when he was 10 months old. As you can see, baby has a few new teeth!

Nice bread

Nice bread

Can you imagine how loud baby screamed?

Can you imagine how loud baby screamed?

A new smile :)

A new smile :)

As people says, growing new teeth can be very uncomfortable for baby. For our baby, he had fever for 1 day, without much appetite for milk. Instead, he prefer eating cooked oat.

He also drooled more for a few days. And on the day of his fever, his saliva was quite smelly. But after the fever, he returned to normal again.

We didn’t bring baby to see doctor. He went through it naturally. We just applied some wet towel on his forehead, hug him more and accompany him patiently.

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4 Responses to “Baby is 10 months old”

  1. KENGKIAT Says:

    your baby start walking?

  2. James Pang Says:

    Haven’t start walking. Can only stand. This Chinese New Year want to come to visit me?

  3. KENGKIAT Says:

    usually I am very busy during cny

  4. wendy Says:

    your baby so cute…hve latest baby picture…

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