Mar 13
Gunung lambak pathway

Gunung Lambak pathway

This morning, baby went to Gunung Lambak (Mount Pile) recreation area for a walk. The sky was getting dark when we arrived. I carried baby up this pathway, took some photo and walked down quickly. Soon it started to rain lightly.

Previously, my wife walked through this pathway several times when she was pregnant. Light exercise is important for smooth labor. So I would accompany my wife to come over here for some walk. Therefore, baby should be quite familiar with this place.

At first baby was awake. But after a while he slept again as usual. We should have took his photo earlier when he was still awake. This was a very short trip due to the raining season over here.

At the playground

At the playground

Walking back before it rains

Walking back before it rains

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  1. Moi Yih Says:

    the last photo is sooooo sweet sleeping face! Cute!

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