Jul 26

This is the new video by Mr Lin, the founder for Deep Level Communication (DLC) from Taiwan. It explains about:

  • why there are so much natural disaster recently
  • what mankind has done to Earth
  • what can we do for a better future

You may find some of his explanation quite unbelievable. However, most information here is derived from Deep Level Communication from thousands of people in various countries. It shows you another angle of looking at what happens around you. Truly inspiring indeed.

Relax and take your time to view this video. Most importantly, share it with your friends and relatives too. This video is narrated in Chinese with English subtitle, divided into 7 parts.

Awakening from disaster – Part 1

  • Who am I?
  • How life on Earth began?
  • The cycle of creation and destruction by mankind


Awakening from disaster – Part 2

  • What has mankind done to living things on Earth?
  • What has mankind done to each other?
  • What has mankind done to Earth?

Awakening from disaster – Part 3

  • How Earth respond to what we have done to her?
  • The relation between natural disaster and our thought
  • How thought affect our surrounding (Indian prayer for rain, Dr Emoto water experiment)?

Awakening from disaster – Part 4

  • How quantum physic proves thought can change matter behaviour?
  • What is the root cause of natural disaster?
  • What is the real purpose of natural disaster?

Awakening from disaster – Part 5

  • What is the root cause of recent financial tsunami?
  • Do we have the choice for a better change?
  • How the change of one person can influence 1000 others?
  • How Buddha awaken himself to attain higher consciousness?

Awakening from disaster – Part 6

  • How to face our inner self and awaken our soul?

Awakening from disaster – Part 7

  • What choice do we have?
  • Appreciation and ending

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