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From the moment my wife went into the maternity room until she gave birth, it just took about an hour’s time. From her first labor pain to delivery, it was around 3 hours. It was pretty quick for the first child. Some of her relatives had 10 hours of labor pain before delivery.

After labor, the doctor still had works to do. He helped to remove the umbillical cord and placenta. Then he stitched up the vagina cut area. I guess it took around 20 to 30 minutes for all these after labor procedures.

My wife was very tired and glanced at our baby once a while. The baby was lying on a small cushion with a yellow lamp on top to keep warm.

Once a while, baby would cry for a few seconds. His fingers were close to his mouth. And he tried to suck his fingers.

After doctor finished his job, he washed his hands and came over to the baby. He turned the baby around and baby moved both arms up and down.

Baby’s reaction

“Can you see your baby sucking his fingers?” he said. “This is actually a normal baby reaction. Just now your baby cried before I hit his buttock. And now you can see him moving both his arms up and down. All these show your baby’s reaction is normal.”

“Some elderly said baby moves up their arms because of feeling shocked. This is not true. If the baby moves only one arm up, then it is not normal. We studied all these baby reactions.”

At last the doctor moved toward my wife. He covered both his palms on her cheeks, just like a father caring for his daughter. He smiled and said, “You’ve done your big task.”

Then he turned to me and said, “Congratulations.” And he shook my hand.

I smiled to him and said, “Thank you.”

Baby just came out - sucking his fingers

Baby just came out - sucking his fingers

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