Jul 13

I just came back from a 6 day advanced Deep Level Communication (DLC) seminar at Ginguan KL office.  It was a great experience to learn, to experience and to meet people.

Actually, what we learn sounds crazy in most people’s point of view. However, it’s completely normal among the attendants. Here are some of the topics.

  • How to determine and clear the seed caused by our wrong doing in the past
  • How to determine and clear the seed that result in our imitation (character, sickness, etc.) of people with affinity to us
  • How to solve health problem through DLC
  • How to determine, communicate and solve the problem of external spirit
  • How to communicate with everything (including plant, animal, car and toilet bowl)
  • How to communicate with thought from other star in other galaxy
  • How to change our present by changing our past
  • How to take a peek of our future
  • What is “time” ? How time is changed by speed, space, mass and thought
  • How to really communicate and get along with our children

I attended the basic DLC seminar on December last year. From the basic course, we learn:

  • What is the theory of seed and fruit (cause and effect)
  • On top of our 5 senses, what is our 6th, 7th and 8th sense.
  • How to do basic deep level communication
  • How to release seed caused by message planted into our subconscious mind
  • How to communicate with deceased person
  • including 10 hours of 1-to-1 DLC session by expert DLC communicator (costs RM 1500 separately)

The advanced DLC course completed my learning for DLC technique. Of course, there are still more homework to do. Until now, I’ve helped around 15 people doing 6 hours of DLC each. Needless to say, I’ve learn a lot from each of them.

In the future, I might attend an exam course to become an expert DLC communicator.

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