Jan 23

Do you always envy wealthy and successful people? How about wishing you can be as pretty as the model shown on TV? Or wishing you could be as talented as your idol singer?

Well, before you envy those successful people, you must realize something.

We often judge people only from the surface, from what we see. When you see someone appearing graciously on stage or on TV, you must understand they may not be so ’shining’ as you think. Those successful people may also have their own worry and difficulty in life.

It’s not easy to be at the top. We have no idea of the difficulties they have gone through in their journey to the top. We have no idea how many times they have failed before they get there. And we have no idea how much they have to give before they get what they have today.

So, let them encourage you to become your best. Let us learn from what they have gone through. Learn from their spirit to be their best.

Don’t just sit there and envy them.

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