Jan 19

A caterpillar was having a good time chewing green leaf on a tree. Suddenly he saw a butterfly in front of him.

“Who are you?” he asked curiously.

“I am your future,” the butterfly answered.

“How can that be?” the caterpillar said. “You look so different from me.”

“It’s true,” the butterfly explained. “Soon, you will become like me. You can fly around with your wings. You can explore this vast and beautiful jungle. It is indeed a very different world out there.”

“Sounds impossible to me,” the caterpillar said. “I thought this tree is my only world.”

At this moment, the butterfly flew away from the caterpillar.

“Hey! Where are you?” the caterpillar asked. He looked to his left and right searching for the butterfly.

“I am up here!” the butterfly screamed.

“Where? I cannot see you!” the caterpillar yelled.

The butterfly flew back to the caterpillar. “Here I am!” he said.

“How can you disappear and appear back again in a second?” the caterpillar asked.

“I didn’t disappear,” the butterfly replied. “I am still here around you. It’s just that you cannot see me. But I still can see you clearly.”

Transition to a new dimension

This is a story showing the transition from 2D to 3D world. It is estimated that by year 2012, we human will also undergo this transition. But this time, it is from 3D to 4D. It may be hard to imagine what it is like in a 4D world. Remember that the caterpillar also had difficulty in accepting the new 3D world which we are used to.

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