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I’m sure you have installed an antivirus software to protect your computer from virus attack. But can it really protect your computer from all virus threats? Do you still get virus infection even with your antivirus installed?

I’ve tried several antivirus software in my 14 years of PC usage. In the beginning, I used Norton Antivirus for several years. As each version got more complicated, it slowed down my PC speed significantly. Then there was McAfee antivirus. And later, I used Free-AV software, which is free of course. While using it, I still get virus infection on my PC.

So I tried searching for a better antivirus software to replace it. And I finally found it.

It’s the Computer Associates Antivirus which I use until now. This software has strong virus detection capabilities. When I installed it on my computer protected by Free-AV, it caught several viruses on the spot! It seemed Free-AV was sleeping all the while!

If I stumbled upon website with virus, CA Antivirus catched it immediately too. So far I don’t have any virus problem for my computer.

Unfortunately, I see many PC keep getting virus infection. So they format their hard drive for fresh Windows installation. But after a while, they get infected again. This is truly a waste of time and productivity. Just few days ago, my friend’s PC was infected with virus again even with the Kaspersky antivirus installed (sounds Russian to me).

CA Realtime protection

Shield: Realtime protection

Powerful antivirus solution

Computer Associates is well-known for its industrial strength software solution. CA Antivirus is a powerful software to protect your PC from unwanted virus infection. As a light weight program, it won’t slow down your Windows. It also won’t bother you with lots of messages or warnings where you have to manually close it each time. Just tick “Don’t show this again” and you’re done.

Virus database update is straight forward. You can let it update automatically or schedule the update at a specified interval. For me, I set it to update once a week. This lets you have the latest virus protection and software update.

Unfortunately, CA Antivirus is not free. But you can have a 3-month-free trial here.

When the trial expires, you can purchase a yearly subscription at USD 19.99 per year. So you need to pay USD 19.99 for each and every year. But if you still want to use it for free, you know what to do :)

Simple but strong

Simple but strong

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