Feb 20

Today I have a new daily sales record! I got 3 sales in one day. Previously, my highest sales count per day was two. And the lowest sales count per day is… well… zero. Here is what my Gmail showed this morning (names are blurred for privacy).

I love email with title of "Notification of payment received"

I love email from Paypal titled "Notification of payment received"

These 3 sales are:

  1. Two boxes of Longheh Lingzhi to USA
  2. Six boxes of Longheh Lingzhi to USA
  3. Six boxes of Longheh Lingzhi to Australia

Total sales amount is USD 742.00 Isn’t it great to have this sales amount everyday? Just a few days ago, I added a few graphics on the product page. So I wonder whether these graphics let visitor understand more about our Lingzhi and improved conversion.

If you want to order some Lingzhi or Ganoderma Reishi herb for your health, you’re most welcomed!  :)

Click here for more information on Longheh Lingzhi

Immediately, I prepared all the shipping documents and have it picked up by Fedex this afternoon. I only send out two packages today. One to USA and one to Australia. The other package to USA will be sent out on Monday to avoid possible clearance delay at US custom. Just to play safe.

Waiting for Fedex pickup

Waiting for Fedex pickup

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