Jan 22

If you’re wondering how I create and set up this blog using my own domain, here’s how.

  1. Open a hosting account with Thirdsphere hosting (USD 24.95 monthly).
  2. Register the domain Jamespang.com with Godaddy and point the domain to Thirdsphere DNS.
  3. Add this new domain to Thirdsphere (USD 10 one time).
  4. Use Thirdsphere script center to set up Wordpress automatically.

And you’re done. You may host your website or register your domain elsewhere. But the above steps are basically what you need to do to have a blog with your own domain.

However, the easier method is to use Wordpress hosting and upgrade to their paid premium package for your own domain. The reason I use Thirdsphere is because it allows multiple domain hosting in a single account. So it’s more economic for me.

To learn more about Thirdsphere features and test drive it free for one month, click here.

But why you should put out money for your own domain when you can have it hosted with Wordpress for free?

Blog with your own domain

If you’re serious about earning money with your blog, then I highly recommend getting your own domain for several reasons.

  1. You cannot put your Adsense ad on free Wordpress account. No ad, no advertising money. Wordpress may even put their Adsense ad on your site too.
  2. Over time, more and more websites will link to your blog if you have good content. This brings in more visitor to your blog. It also builds up your site link popularity and Google page rank. Just like having a good brand, this is your business asset. However, if Wordpress or other blogging company disappears or changes their policy, you may lose your free blog domain address and all the inbound links. But with your own domain, you still can host it elsewhere and retain your links.
  3. Having your own domain gives better image compared to free hosted domain.

However, if you’re not interested in earning money with your blog, you can always use the free hosting at Wordpress.

New Wordpress

Now Wordpress 2.7 is easier to use with cool user interface, much better than version 2.2 used by my sister. I recommend everyone using the old Wordpress to upgrade it.

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