Jan 24

Recently I just got a clear understanding on when we should brush our teeth. Dr Lee mentioned it in his recent health talk.

When I was in primary school, teacher taught me to brush my teeth twice a day. Once when I wake up in the morning and once before I go to sleep at night. And I’ve been following this method for 30 years.

Then, I heard Dr Lee said, “When should you brush your teeth? The answer is immediately after each meal. This means, you should brush your teeth right after your breakfast, lunch and dinner. If it’s not practical to brush your teeth after lunch, you must at least rinse your mouth a few times.”

“Let say you have a tiny piece of vegetable stuck between your teeth after meal. Wait for 30 minutes and take out that piece of vegetable using a tooth pick. Smell it and you won’t get any bad smell. This time you have a tiny piece of meat, noodle or rice get stuck between your teeth. Wait for 30 minutes and take it out. You’ll smell a bad odor.”

“After each meal, bacteria in your mouth will thrive and multiply by feeding on your left over food. They create unwanted acids which eat away your tooth enamel.”

“Most of you brush your teeth after wake up. Since you’ve not eaten anything and you’ve brushed your teeth the night before, why are you brushing your teeth? Well, I know the answer. You want to get rid of your bad breath right?”

“Why you will get bad breath when you wake up? It may caused by eating a lot before you sleep. You may have poor digestion. Or you may also have stomach inflammation. When you change your lifestyle and treat your stomach problem, your bad breath will go away naturally.”

Brushing your teeth correctly?

When to brush it?

A new schedule

After hearing these words from Dr Lee, I renewed my teeth brushing scheduleĀ  :)

When I wake up, I just rinse my mouth a few times. After my breakfast, I brush my teeth for the first time. After lunch, I rinse my mouth a few times. And after dinner, I brush my teeth immediately.

There is one additional advantage of brushing teeth right after dinner. I’ll be more reluctant to eat other foods or desserts later at night. If not, I’ll have to brush my teeth again. Having supper before sleep is very very unhealthy for your stomach and your whole body.

So if you are still using the old method, please update it just like what I’ve doneĀ  :D

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  1. anonymous Says:

    That’s wrong. Eating foods, especially acidic ones, softens tooth enamel. If you brush your teeth right after every meal, you’re basically scraping soft enamel off your teeth.

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