May 05

“Should I let my baby receive vaccines?”

This is the question I asked myself a lot since having my first baby. When baby was born, he received 2 vaccine shots. At that time, I didn’t seem to have the choice when baby was in maternity hospital. But now, baby is with us. I have the choice… or do I?

I know. Every baby receives vaccine as determined by government. However, I first learnt about vaccine’s danger in a booklet by Consumer Association of Penang. Then I met Dr Chan, a homeopathy doctor who specializes in energy medicine. Dr Chan said, “Vaccine is a hoax started in USA”

This reminds me that once the authority also denied tobacco’s health risks even many reports pointed out so. Now everyone accepts tobacco causes all sorts of cancer. But do you still see cigarette on shelf for sale? If a food supplement is found to contain some toxins, it will be recalled immediately. Cigarette smoke contains more than 40 cancer-causing toxins. Do you see any product recall? Do you sense something wrong here?

Most debate on health risk of certain item starts with health hazard discovery by consumer and independent researcher. But the government and manufacturer often denied it. When evidence gets more in number and gets more convincing, denial is gradually changed to acceptance. And this may take decades.

Back to vaccine. I heard people telling me to give my baby vaccine because everyone is doing it. Then I thought:

  • Many people smoke
  • Many people eat french fries and gulp soft drink
  • Many people use microwave oven

Do I want to follow them? I don’t think so. If 90% of world population are killing themselves, do you want to follow them? Count me out please!

Actually I was struggling with this question of “vaccine or not”. But this morning, I found the following websites:

I think the answer is pretty clear. How about your decision?

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4 Responses to “Should you vaccinate your baby?”

  1. Moi Yih Says:

    No vaccine = totally 0 memory cells for the defense against virus. Winnie’s puppy just passed away 2 weeks ago due to virus infection. If vaccines were given, the puppy would have survive.
    Vaccine does not gurantee 100% protection, but without it, survival rate will be very low.

    Not all web content can be trusted. Where they get the source and data? Is it written by medical professionals?

  2. James Pang Says:

    The problem is: I don’t trust professional. Research can be altered. Truth can be hidden. Integrity can be broken.

    I just use common sense and instinct

    From the moment we take our first breath as a baby, thousands or even millions of virus and bacteria enter our body. We hadn’t get any vaccine. Our immunity cell didn’t have any memory of those virus and bacteria. This is our first encounter with them. Did we win the biological fight at that time? Of course we did.

    Many women have encountered HPV (virus that cause uterus cancer) in their life. Why don’t all of them get uterus cancer? Because they have a strong immune system. Those with weak immunity will be infected. When their immune system stays weak all the time, the HPV can cause serious damage and eventually leads to uterus cancer.

    Now HPV vaccine comes out selling like hot cakes. Is it really effective? Is there any side effects? No one knows for sure. Time will reveal everything.

    Virus and bacteria can also mutate in a short time. Even if vaccine is effective, it may be useless after a while.

    So what we should do is to help our body maintain a strong immune system. Stop feeding our body with toxins, chemicals and rubbish.

    Of course I don’t deny that certain virus such as HIV is deadly. But there are other reasons (spiritual) why people get those deadly infection and die.

    And there are reasons why your puppy died. Virus infection is only a method for your puppy to leave this physical world (to go to other place). I can sense its reason but I know you won’t believe it.

    Since we live in a physical world, naturally we will think this physical world is our everything. But I believe what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch are only the tip of an iceberg. The bottom part of the iceberg is often beyond the comprehension of our limited brain.

  3. Moi Yih Says:

    Babies are protected by mother’s maternal antibodies the moment they take their first breath, it will decline after sometime. Yes some vaccine is useless, but please do not remove those vaccine for important viruses that can be deadly. Those not important one like chicken pox, can be omitted anytime. Even if there is any side effect of the vaccine, it is just another route for things to happen isn’t it? There is always another real reason behind right? So why worry about that?

    Yes everything happens for a reason. If I rear 10 puppies and mix them with infected deadly virus. All die… is it due to all of them did something wrong in the past? Spiritually yes, physically no. If I hold a bird in my hand and choke it to death, can you sense its reason? I might just let it fly away.

  4. James Pang Says:

    I must say I’m not an expert in medical or spiritual field. So I may be wrong. It’s just that my exposure to “Deep Level Communication” end of last year totally changed my view of this world. These are what I realize:

    1. Everything that happens around us is caused by interaction of “cause and effect” (“seed” and “fruit”) This also follow the law of Newton which states “when you exert a force in one direction, there will be an equal force in opposite direction”.

    2. We create our own destiny with our thought. But we are also bound by certain law of universe.

    Every happening can explained as follows:

    1. It is the result of “effect” (“fruit”) from the past “cause” (“seed”).
    2. It is the start of a new “cause” (“seed”).

    Let say I killed a man. Maybe he killed me before this. So this is his “effect” (“fruit”) he gets.

    Or maybe I started it all and planted a “seed”. This begins a new “cause and effect” chain. After this, other possibilities may follow. The man I killed may hate me and seek his revenge. Or he may not hate me at all. But my soul cannot forgive me. And this creates a “seed” for doing the thing I shouldn’t do. Of course, the “fruit” or “effect” will keep appearing in front of me. It may be carried to many life in the future.

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