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My previous post on brushing teeth reminded me of my wife’s root canal treatment. If you have never heard of root canal, it’s a dental treatment for preserving decayed tooth.

Usually, dentist will do dental filling for your slightly decayed tooth. And if your tooth is seriously decayed, dentist will take it out. And you will have one tooth less.

But with root canal, you have an additional option to keep your tooth. Dentist will drill a hole on top of your decayed tooth, extract out all tooth nerves, fill it up and cover it up with dental crown.

This results in a lifeless tooth. You cannot sense any pain on this particular tooth because the nerves are taken out. But you still can chew food with it.

Sounds good isn’t it?

It may sound good but many researches and patient experiences showed various health problems resulting from root canal treatment. This is mainly caused by porous space left over by the extracted nerves and blood vessels. And various bacteria can live in that space.

Unfortunately, your body immunity cells cannot reach there since blood vessels are no longer available. So the bacteria can live there happily ever after…

The rest is elementary. Bacteria produces toxins. And toxins flows to your other body parts causing all sorts of health problems. This is what I understand about root canal treatment. You always find more information through the internet.

My wife root canal

When I found out the danger of root canal last year, my wife already had one in her mouth for 5 years. After a few months, we finally decided to take it out. So we went to see my dentist friend in Singapore.

The moment dentist pull out her root canal tooth, a strong foul smell came out from her mouth. I could still smell it coming out from her mouth after 2 hours. This could only mean one thing – serious inflammation.

This is her extracted tooth photo.

Root canal tooth & crown - looks bad

Root canal tooth & crown - looks bad

Before and after

Before taking out her root canal tooth, my wife had some problem with her balancing once a while. When she was walking straight, she would suddenly move to the side and hit the wall. And she had no idea how it happened.

But now, she realized her balancing problem had disappeared. It was a subtle change though. She said she experienced another improvement but forgot about it. I’ll update it when she recalls it.

What should you do?

Here is my sincere advice for you. If you’re thinking of doing root canal treatment, don’t do it. And if you have root canal tooth in your mouth, it depends on your personal choice. If I have one in my mouth, I’ll definitely take it out even though I don’t have any health problem.

If you have root canal tooth and you’re currently experiencing some incurable health problems, you can take your chance and remove the tooth. There is a high probability that your problem is caused by the tooth. Even if the tooth is not the culprit, it’s still better to remove it sooner or later. Keeping a dead tooth in your mouth is not a wise choice.

Asking the dentist

And if you happen to ask your dentist about this matter, be prepare to hear them defending root canal usage with their facts and case studies.

However, you must understand that most dentist and doctor learn about what is good and what is bad from the university. And university get its standard from your government. And your government get its standard from other bigger government. And those bigger government decision may be influenced by… you guess it.

There is a thick book with various case studies proving root canal treatment side effects. If you cannot find it, you can request it from me. I happen to know one holistic doctor specializing in this area.

Finally, it all boils down to one question: Do you want good looking teeth with root canal or do you want a healthy body without root canal?

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53 Responses to “Root canal danger”

  1. georgia Says:

    Faced with a severe molar infection from a 4yr. temporary that was breeched and having read the root canal cover up and the views of holistic practitioners like Hulda Clark, Huggins, Jerome, Cook and biological dentist views I chose extraxtion vs. root canal. The extraction by a biologic dentist took 3 hours of extreme force leaving me bruised, 14 stitches and in pain. the tooth roots were strongly attached to the bone but the pulp was destroyed and the tooth was dead after a 2 1/2 week painful infection. The tooth was a large molar and the one I depended on to eat my raw foods. For 2 weeks now I can only eat juice and soup and am still healing and needed cranial work for all the bone shifting and buising of cranial bones. I now have a huge hole and feel incomplete and was informed the only safe replacement is a removeable partial to remind me of the void and that dreaded day. I now wish I had never been informed and chose root canal instead. The trauma to my other teeth,palate and livelihood have left me empty and confused. There is no subsuitute for your own teeth!
    Is there any safe root canals? Calcium hydoxide, lazer, ozone? The mouth is always dealing with bacteria, under fillings and in the mouth so why is a root canal so much worse? Putting in artificial materials the rest of one’s life can’t be healthy. IF bacteria were causing a problem in a dead tooth wouldn’t the jaw bone or adjacent teeth be affected? Can energy pass through a root canal meridian? If everyone had all root canals out they would have mutiple atrifical replacements which is compromising to the jaw and immune system. Many of my friends have root canals for 25 years with no problems and good health. I wish I only had answers to these questions before I was forced to make the dreaded decision.

  2. Kristen Says:

    I have have found that it is a bit difficult to find information supporting the “anti-root canal” point of view.

    Based on my own personal experience with my root canal I decided to go looking to see if anyone else had experienced anything similar to what I have regarding my root canal.

    Mostly, I am experiencing a foul odor and taste coming from the root canal. I had the root canal done about 6 years ago and it wasn’t until the past 4 years I’ve had bad breath that comes directly from the source. When I floss there the odor is horrifying. I want the tooth out but I don’t know what to replace it with as I don’t want my teeth to shift. The tooth is the far back bottom tooth. It’s a big “tooth”.

    Also I would be interested in reading more … can you provide me with the
    “thick book with various case studies proving root canal treatment side effects”
    I can’t locate it on the net.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It sort of validates for me what I have thought all along.

  3. James Pang Says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I think that book is not in production right now. You can find more info at this website: http://natural-health.com.my

    Dr Chan is an expert in this area.

  4. Serna Says:

    I need to find out what other options – remove the tooth?
    Implant??? I am quite desperate and need to make a decision

  5. Misty Says:

    Wow! I almost got my second root canal done, but I just cancelled my appointment. It’s unfortunate because I will be losing my front tooth this time.
    My first root canal was done in one of the last molar tooth in the back. It’s been about two years and I’ve been sick with no cause. Thanks for sharing the story about your wife, I thought I was being clumsy bumping into things and kept reminding myself to be focused. Can’t wait to pull the crown out!

  6. Brent Says:

    Just because you have one bad experience with a root canal doesn’t mean that you should just have your teeth pulled out. I was going to have my tooth pulled out too, but the dentist told me why I should have a root canal done instead, and I’m glad I did now. Also by looking at that photo that tooth looks horrible, and doesn’t look like your wife really did a good job of looking after her teeth in the first place. So I can understand why she would have it pulled. But to tell people not to have a root canal just based on 1 bad experience is dumb. It’s always better to try and save your teeth unless you want to look like a wrinkly prune by the time your 45

  7. Monica Says:

    I had a abcess at the root of the 3rd canal on my 14th molar. To begin I have always had a fear of Dentist so it took me over 2 months to go to the oral surgeon. He immediately started the process of the root canal. This was in Novemeber of 2010. I did not go to the follow up build up appointment because of my fear. My husband (who also has a root canal) asked me to research the dangers of root canals hence my findings here with you. Since my root canal I have been dizzy and constantly having nausea and vomiting. I have also been diagnosed with Lupus.Do you think this may be the source of my new diagnosis… I am very greatful for the information provided because it was what my husband suggested I do to begin with but I opted to try and save my tooth. Any information that you can provide me with is greatly appreciated.


  8. James Says:

    Hi Monica,

    If you experience those health problems after your root canal treatment, there is a high probability that root canal is the main cause. If I were you, I will take out the root canal tooth immediately.

    Toxins from bacteria living inside the root canal can cause all sorts of health problems. To detoxify some of existing toxins in your body to improve your health, you can take Ganoderma herb. My family and I have good result with it. More info at: http://www.ganoderma-for-health.com

  9. Ian Says:

    Root canal teeth normally harbour a type of gangrene. The smell quite literally is the infection, but most often it doesn’t mean inflammation. Root canal teeth quite often kill the adjacent bone around a tooth, and if the bone is dead there is no blood supply and no inflammation. The bacteria are free to multiply totally unchecked. Really for a root canal tooth, simply removing it is not enough. All the adjacent bone should be cut away (not drilled as the temperature can cook and kill it stopping healing). If you cut away the bone until it bleeds, it stands a chance of healing. Otherwise you’ll be left with a cavitation in the bone after the removal of the tooth, which is just as bad as a root canal.

  10. miranda Says:

    Thank you for the eye opening information. I have had cancerous conditions in my gums which required the removal of most of my molars to allow for treatment of the bone under the teeth, I was left with four anchor molars and most of my front teeth to my eye tooth on each side. All of the remaining molars are root canals only one is capped with a porcelain and gold crown. Just before all the surgery, I was diagnosed with M.S. and M.G. balance, vision and general health have all continued to diminish. I now am faced with the deterioration of the remaining root canals and now four other cavitys. I, like a lot of US citizens, have no insurance to help with this, I am on SSI and our health care plan does not consider illness caused by our teeth a covered illness. I am considering going to a foreign country for treatment as you did with your wife. I have purchased a copy of your book and will continue to gain insight from your experiences. I also look forward to the day when I can again walk down the hall way and not ram into the wall and wonder why???? Thank You

  11. Chantel Says:

    I have just had a root canal 4 days ago. 2 days after the rc I started experiencing pain, toothache….. jaw pain and earache…. I have a very high pain threshhold. I can take pain, but this was unbearable. I visited a different dentist andhe took xrays. He said that the rc was done properly, however there was some cement left in the bottom. My body is trying to work it out, and that is where the pain is originating. He put me on very strong antibiotics. It is now the day after I started, but the pain is still there. He said to wait 24 hrs for it to settle. has anyone else had this sort of experience? CC

  12. Maureen Says:

    Thank you, James, for speaking the truth.
    I had a root canal done in 2003 at age 52. Prior to that time I was in robust health, high energy and no physical pain anywhere.
    After that procedure was done, I began a 5 year downward spiral in my health. I started to develop serious pain in my back (lumbar and thoracic spine), had balance problems, insomnia, trouble focusing and extreme fatigue and nausea. In 2008, I experienced extreme swelling of my parotid gland (the large salivary gland under your ear). Coincidently (or not) it was right next to the top molar that was my root canal.
    I consulted an endodontist and he insisted that the root canal xrays looked fine. I got even sicker. I finally went to a biologic dentist, and he suggested that I go to an oral surgeon and have it removed.
    I will always celebrate the date of Sept. 13, 2010. That is the day my health began to improve. I went on to have all of my silver amalgams removed (I had 10). I’m happy to say that, less than one year later, my health has returned and I feel like living again.
    I don’t care who says that American dental practices are safe, nor what their credentials are, I know by my personal journey through hell that they are not. I recommend that anyone who is experiencing one health issue after another, start looking in your mouth.

  13. James Says:

    Thanks everyone, for sharing your valuable experience and expertise in this subject.

  14. sharon Says:

    I highly respect Dr Mercola and his knowledge. His web site is http://www.mercola.com Type in root canal in the serach window and he will explain the dangers.

  15. francis Says:

    I’ve been trawling the internet for information on root canals after I had my first one done about 2 months ago. Ever since then my health has deteriorated to the point where I now feel so exhausted I cannot leave the house. I have a history of chronic fatigue but this is worse than anything I have ever known. My blood tests are all clear and my dentist wants to redo it to remove some residual infection but I feel like having it pulled. I’d appreciate any feedback on this because I feel desperate to get my health back.

  16. James Says:

    Francis, if I were you, I will extract the root canal tooth out.

  17. Ashley Says:

    Thank you for Sharing your wife’s experience. I got a toothache 8 years ago and developed a nasty taste in my mouth/ bad breath. I went to the dentist and he did a root canal, the smell did not go away but the pain subsided. He put a temporary crown on for a week while the permanent crown was being made and one day the temporary crown fell off and I smelt it and it smelt rotten. I told the dentist but he said he didn’t smell anything, which was a lie bc the smell was very apparent. Since my root canal 8 years ago I still have pain on and off in that tooth and it’s very embarrassing because I have the worst smelling breath ever and I know it’s coming from that tooth because I never had bad breath before that tooth started actIng up. After seeing the picture of your wife’s tooth I’m thinking that my tooth may be rotten like that also. My health has been deteriorating since the root canal, I have balance, memory and concentration problems, also very bad headaches and I’m only 25! I’m thinking about pulling the tooth, I went to the dentist last week and the xray showed nothing wrong but the dentist wants to do a second root canal. I think I’m going to get it pulled and hoping my bad breath will go away. Did your wife have bad breath before she got her tooth pulled? Also, I know the smell is coming from the root canal tooth because when I floss by it the floss smells terrible and if I chew gum on the side it brings out the rotten smell and makes it worse.

  18. James Says:

    Hello Ashley,

    My wife did not have bad breath. Maybe her root canal crown completely covered her tooth and did not let out any smell. As mentioned, X-ray showed nothing wrong with my wife root canal tooth but it smell bad after being taken out.

  19. Erica Says:

    I’ve recently been told that my 10 year old son will be needing a root canal done. I’m extremely worried. I’ve heard of amalgam being hazardous and already feel guilty that we all have fillings in our mouths. I’m on welfare and feel helpless… what would be the harm of having it pulled at such a young age? It’s the far bottom “big” molar? Where could I go for help? info?

  20. Lola Says:


    I completely agree with you James Pang. I’ve had a terrible foul smell coming out of my root canal for over ten years now and I have seen about 10 dentists 5 of whom here in the UK including consultants and they’ve all said nothing to link my problems to the root canal at all! This is the first time I link it the the root canal! All they did was to point to other numerous conditions related to the stomach etc as the likely source of my problems even though they observed that the gum around the root canal is constantly irritated and also there is foul smelling odour from the same place. To me it feels like puss coz it is warm, tastes bitter and has the most disgusting smell. I asked each of these dentists to pull out the two teeth in this area and they all practically refused!

    After my last visit to a senior consultant I lost my faith in the whole process. I felt cheated, given the amount of money involved, and taken for a fool!

    They all looked at me and said there was nothing wrong even though they could clearly see the irritated gum in this area and the foul smell!

    I never linked it to the root canal at all but have always wanted the teeth taken out. Is there any dentist that will do this for me in the UK coz I’ve totally failed to find any?

    One thing for sure is that my overall health has detoriated. I now have stomach ulcers, I seem to have very low levels of energy, my skin gets itchy sometimes, constant colds, etc and ofcourse damaged self esteem! What with people pulling away from your face the moment you speak! I practically feel like an old woman physically always complaining of this and that! I’ve seen the doctor but failed to explain exactly what I felt!

    I may have to travel to have this done.
    Thank you for your advice!


  21. Kate Says:

    Sorry for everyone who has had bad experiences with root canals. But tthis does not mean that EVERYONE will have a bad experience. The people who take an extreme stand against them need to take a more balanced view. Why do they not even acknowledge all the many people who have root canals and live to a ripe old age in perfect health? If the anti root canal practitioners want to have credibility they must use logic, reason, and sound science— and that means they must acknowledge ALL pertinent data–not just the stories that back up their points of view. And most importantly —I have yet to find a good alternative to root canals–some holistic dentists are proponents of composite resin fillings–which contain BPA—so that’s not really so healthy–and for root canals they say dental implants or a bridge? well, implants can cause health problems that could be more serious than root canal problems–and same with bridges–they are not for everyone for a variety of reasons not the least of which is the fact they are made of materials that could trigger autoimmune reactions in some people and damage surrounding teeth and bone. And taking supplements and such to fix a tooth that is already a “goner?!” That is just not scientific and there is no proof (other than anecdotal unsound science) that that would work!

  22. Angela Says:

    I just had a molar extracted. But my issues started YEARS ago! My molar had a silver filling that needed to be replaced. My dentist did it. The pain and sensitivity never went away. My dentist sent me to a root canal guy. The pain never went away. I kept going back to the dentist and the root canal guy they said all was well. I was finally sent to an oral surgeon. I had oral surgery done, during the surgery I found out that the root canal guy had left the tip of the file in my tooth. To which my dentist (who could have seen it on x-ray) or the root canal guy NEVER told me! so I had oral surgery. but the tooth ALWAYS ached. I woke up last week in BAD pain! I have a high pain tolerance but this was bad. I went back to the dentist. He sent me back to the oral surgeon. The root was cracked. Long story short. I should have had this tooth pulled years ago! I was nothing but a $$ to the dentist and root canal guy. When they took my tooth out under the crown it was black with rot. I had always asked the dentist why does the tooth smell or was does it smell when I floss. Always always go for a second or third opinion!!! My body has been trying to fight off this rotten tooth and infection for so long I just never felt 100%. Last night was the first good night sleep I got and I woke up re-charged and ready to go!

  23. Terri Says:

    Hi, I am very interested in seeing whether my root canals (2 or 3) are the cause of my health problems over the last 2 years. Is there any recommended practitioner in Singapore like the one in Malaysia Dr HH Chan? Please reply to me privately. Also, if you have a recommended dentist in Singapore to remove my root canal and amalgam filling.

  24. Karen Says:

    I had a root canal done about just over an year ago and since then my life has been changed! Straight after it was cleaned, I started getting acne on my face (never had a major problem before) then the headaches started, shortness of breath, confusion, hair loss, fatigue and many other things.

    I went to my doc and all came back normal then to the dentist who said the root canal was perfect and I knew something was wrong as I was well and healthy before the RC.

    I have an appt booked with a holistic dentist and soon will have them extracted and discuss the removal of silver fillings. I just want my life back. I also get heart palpitation and a heated head where a simple touch to my head, ears or face leads to redness with burning, apparently my doc found increased ESr in my body (that’s inflammation somewhere in my body) which is unknown!

    Please please do not opt for a root canal, it can ruin your life!!!!

  25. fern Says:

    I’m 42 and feel 65, since my RC 12yrs ago I have developed anxiety, rooten smelly gums, nerve disorders, arthiritis, kidney issues , high uric acid levels, left knee pain, hip pain which is supposedly linked to the RC meridians. I had booked my RC extraction next week and can’t wait to see if this has been my root cause, which I had an instinct it is. All this came about from deteriorating health and pain above the RC which has today beendiscovered as an abbssces.
    Will be commenting with my results as they surface. MLM can’t wait.

  26. David Says:

    hello i found this site because i was wondering how other people with r.c. are doing. i just want to say that 7 years ago i had a r.c. and had pain for 1 month afterwords. i too have been off balance and could not understand why? i have also felt sick. last night it fell out and i felt a pressure release in my head and i know its only been a day but i feel better. i wasn’t happy when it fell out but then i said to my self its really not my tooth anyway!

  27. Pam Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I was recently told I had a broken root, and would have to the have the tooth (crown) extracted, which I am glad! For years I have been battling a sore gum and neck pain, along with bad smelling breath around that tooth. I am hoping this will not break me financially and I can not afford a implant that will cost about $2500.00, and a bridge is still expensive. I just hope I can save some money down the road to get and bridge and hope my teeth don’t shift. I had a root canal on this molar about 10 years ago, will it be any different to extract being that it is a broken root?


  28. Dodge Says:


    I had a front bottom tooth(#24) broken at a very young age and as a result to that it became infected at the age of 17. My dentist at the time suggested a root canal and he also cut me and scraped the infection away. Then at the age of 21 the infection came back, and that time with a vengeance by the time I went to the dentist it had already eaten away about a nickle size of jaw bone and had compromised both teeth that were on either side, tooth(#23and#25) so I was sent to an oral surgen and he put in a drain to alleviate the pressure and to let the infection drain, also suggested I get a root canal on tooth (#23) because it hurt the most. So got another root canal and the oral surgeon cut me wide open and scraped the (EXPLETIVE) out of my jaw and sent what came out off for testing to see if it was cancerous, luckily it was not. After alot of horrible pain I healed and the bone grew back cause i’m so young. NOW i’m 23 and guess what, it’s back!!! The original tooth that was broken and root canaled is infected again. Every dentist keeps trying to send me to an endodontist to have the original tooth redone, i’m so sick of them telling me its in my best interest to save the tooth that has been nothing but a nightmare both finacially and painfully. Well I finally found a dentist who seems to want to help me rather than financially rape me! She suggested pulling the broken one(#24) so she pulled it, then getting braces to close the gap since my bottom teeth are so crowded. Now I have been thinking about this whole braces thing long and hard cause I still have the root canal in tooth(#23), and when I get them on i’m scared that the root canal in tooth(#23) will give me problems as well! I just don’t know what to do I guess cause i’ve had so many bad experiences with dentists all around, any input would be greatly appreciated, I don’t want to loose my teeth or the money in my pocket, and so far these teeth have cost right around $12,000 from all the root canals scrapings and oral surgeons. So please someone let me know if braces are a good idea with a root canal. Thankyou for listening…


  29. baudelio lopez Says:

    i have a molar that is cracked in half,still on. food goes through and a bbubble forms in the gums ,i press it ,and it and it squirts fluid puss like. ive developed a nesting area behind my head.they are hard lumps.painful i thought it might be lice,.anyways.its all over my body,bad extremely bad.its in my blood,im probably dying from it and don’t kknow it going on 4year

  30. ash Says:

    Hi. I recently began root canal treatment for a broken tooth. Have a temporary filling in, and am expected back at the dentists office to get a more permanent filling and crown. I’ve been reading up on root canals and i want to have the tooth taken out now. If you could direct me to a holistic dentist in Singapore who would remove the tooth and the infected bone that surrounds it, i would be grateful. Thankyou.

  31. James Says:

    Hi Ash,

    You can try “Dental On The Bay” at Vivocity or Marina Bay Sands. Look for Dr Chin. He is my friend who extract my wife root canal. Some dentist may question a lot on your choice to take out root canal and my refuse to do it. Dr Chin will extract for you if that is your choice.

    But I am not sure whether he uses any holistic approach. You can consult him first on whether the infected bone needs to be removed. If you have amalgam (mercury) filling, Dr Chin can help to change it using a suction method to prevent you from inhaling the mercury vapor. I must say Dr Chin pays good attention to detail in his work.

  32. Arai Says:

    I understand all of you very much. One day the precise truth about root canals will be scientifically revealed. At present the root canal health hazard is like the tobacco health hazard which was for a long time unable to directly link smoking to cancer. Even now in most individual cases the link is very difficult to undeniably connect as the sole reason for the cancer. What the dentistry profession is doing is either consciously deceiving their patients or rationalising in different ways that the root canals should remain. It is so sad because the money hungry dental industry, with their tooth mechanics, have as a powerful ally, the patients, who are susceptible to believe almost anything so they can keep their (dead) teeth.

    I had a root canal done nine years ago. In the interim nine years I have had dental check-ups which included some x-rays. Of the several dentists I saw only the last one told me that the root canal had only one canal treated; the second canal was never treated. I was astonished. I have an appointment with an oral surgeon to remove that dead gangrene tooth. I did not make a connection until recently of this root canal to a small area of eczema from the time the partly embalmed dead tooth was anchored in my mouth. I have another tooth that a dentist deliberately killed (this shortly before I learned of the half done root canal). This tooth was sensitive to cold. It was minor. As a precaution I visited a dentist, and made the grave mistake of trusting him. Under the pretence of searching for the real source of the sensitivity, he drilled out the fillings in two adjacent perfectly healthy teeth. In retrospect, I know this trauma tipped the scales against my slightly sensitive tooth, leading to the nerves’ death. I will be extracting this tooth too. Never never trust a tooth mechanic (99% of them). They are not medical professionals. There is virtually no monetary incentive for them to nurture your teeth to healthy life. They make a great amount of money when your teeth die; and the money keeps rolling in to maintain your dead teeth in your mouth. The situation with dentistry everywhere is horrifically unethical. The government is not there to protect at all; they are together with the big money of dentistry.

    I empathise with all of you; and I have prayed for you too.

  33. cha gerona Says:

    Hi James thanks for this info u shared. So timely that i happen to read this coz i am really contemplating of removing my tooth with root canal done around 15yrs ago. Just last year when I was pregnant, the tooth w a root canal started to crack and liytle by little break off and with pain and swell but i cant do much at that time coz of my pregnancy. Now the pain came back again & when i checked the tooth, a part of the root canal is already exposed since the crown is broken & only left with about a 1/3 part and the center part are all gone. Ive read that extraction is the last option, but can be done as well with utmost expertise & care by the dentist. Can you please let me know the vest dentist who can do the extraction for me with optimum safety & expertise. Thanks a lot, will really appreciate ur replyll really sp worried now…

  34. Neil Says:

    Been reading the comments about root canal ,,Two years ago i had root canal treatment on a upper tooth and had a gold inlay attached to it.. Over the the last 18 months i noticed a white spot alongside the tooth followed by a second and third,,Next came a bad smell turning into putrid smell with bubbly pus ,no pain just a small amount near the gum…. My Doctor put me on 1000MG Amoyxilin with 400 mg Metrogyl,,( spelling of those two medicines may be wrong but everyone gets the meaning what they are) ,the result was my tongue and mouth full of thrush, no appetite,felt sick … Did nothing for my infected root canal tooth… Now booked in to have the tooth removed and a immediate partial denture fitted soon as the dentist removes the tooth…PS for 18 months my dentist has suggested after taking x-rays i should have it removed,, so in a way it is my fault but hung on hoping it would clear up…

  35. Sandra Says:

    I’m 32yrs old and at age 29 I got acne and took actuate…which I now regret. The acne cleared up but 2yrs later it came back….and now it keeps getting worse…I have 3 root canals and the last time I went to the dentist he told me one was infected and needed to be re-done..that was a year ago and after reading about how bad root canals are, I refuse to do it again….my right side of my face is filling up w bad acne and that is the same side that I have all the 3 teeth with root canals….there has to be a correlation!!! After reading this I’m thinking I should just have the teeth removed….:(

  36. Joseph Says:

    I have three RCT teeth. One that is 10+ years old and I think it might have become cracked when the oral surgeon tried to extract the failed RCT tooth by it. Ever since then I have had multiple systematic symptoms. Most alarming tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.

    I could easily say RCT is bad, and in many ways it is. The whole idea of embalming a tooth and leaving it in your jaw is a little bewildering. Most RCT only have a shelf life of 5-15 years anyways. BUT keep in mind a persons decision to get RCT. Your wife probably went to get RCT because she was experiencing pain or showed signs of infection. For some people doing RCT is cosmetic because no one wants an unsightly gap. Also, the decision to do a RCT is greatly influenced by your Dentist. For instance doctors have certain protocols and steps when treating patients. Telling them to pull a tooth before they try treatment B wouldn’t make sense. Also when a dentist tells you that you will not loose your tooth, the procedure is relatively painless, and costs less than an implant most people forget or ignore what RCT does or can do to your system.

    Overall there are times when a RCT is needed and is beneficial, but it isn’t a final solution. I would constantly monitor your RCT tooth and your overall health. If you have the means pull the tooth and try an implant (which also have problems).

    Overall take care of your teeth!

  37. Aisha Khan Says:

    HI James,
    I had my second root canal a week ago, and now am experiencing a very heavy smokers cough with smoke coming up. Would you know if this is related? Thank you

  38. Ronda Says:

    I had a root canal done 14 yrs ago and in the last year the crown cracked and crumbled off my tooth, now I have this smoking smell after the turquoise filling came out in the last 3 months. I smell smoke and some people smell it too, I just realized it is coming from me. Is this true, this happens? why is the smoke smell happening? I am terrified of DENTIST! the last time I went to the dentist was almost 3 yrs ago and they said I needed like $7K worth of treatment and that they can fix this tooth too. Well I didn’t go back because I was nervous this wasn’t correct and was not going to do another root canal. The dentist that did the root canal made me sick for over two months and left one of the roots in my tooth and upon return from my honeymoon. He had to remove the temporary and the other root and then put real crown on my tooth. NOW crumbled off my tooth and this horrible smell and issue I am stuck with! I have also been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and Meniere Disease some form of balance issue. I live in Indianapolis and need to find a dentist that will fix this and not kill me! I feel that the symptoms after reading your blog has me convinced it is because of this tooth. Any recommendations on dentist or if this smoking issue is from my tooth???

  39. Kris Says:

    I’ve had 4 root canals done total…One at the beginning of this year which I think is infected.I’ve had balance problems, tingly weak extremities, chronic fatigue, head pressure,muscle spasms and pain, nasty taste in my mouth, stomach issues,burning sensation, I was a perfectly healthy person until I got these root canals done. Sounds like this is my issue…how long does it take for symptoms to go once the root canals are pulled? I’m getting them removed tomorrow.

  40. Kristie Says:


    My exact symptoms…Im getting mine removed on Wednesday.. if you see this let me know how everything went and how you feel now..

  41. James Says:

    Hi Kris,

    If your symptoms are caused by root canal, you should gradually feel better when it is removed. Healing time is different for each person. It may take a few weeks to a few months for significant improvement. But since the source of infection and toxicity is removed, you will feel better when the remaining infection and toxin inside your body are removed by your immune system.

    Do you intend to remove all root canal at once? I would recommend removing one at a time. This makes it easier for you to cope with your gum recovery. After one week when you feel okay, you can proceed with the second root canal.

    For faster improvement, I recommend taking Ganoderma herb. It is very effective in detoxifying your body, reducing infection and enhancing body energy. Find out more at my another website http://www.ganoderma-for-health.com

    Do share with us if you feel better after taking out the root canal.

  42. Jonathan Says:

    I got in a fight my tooth was knocked and got loose (lower incisor), I left it like that for over a year until I seen change in color (dark shade) I decided to go to my dentist to get it checked up , they told me my tooth was dead they gave me 2 options 1). root canal and crown it , or 2). keep my tooth root canal and internal bleaching since I didn’t want my real tooth out , so I when with option 2 , 1 year later it’s still good but I find myself playing with that tooth a lot and I wake up in the morning with bad breath but it’s a weird smell from the tooth that got root canal what do you suggest might be ? I floss and brush daily

  43. Patricia Says:

    James plz help me when I swallow I taste a chemical / not sure bad taste after root canal I’m so desperate .. What can this be

  44. Yuki Says:

    Hi kris,

    Have you successfully remove the root canal?

  45. Taylor Orthodontics Says:


    This treatment is completely awful. Because a root canal involves cleaning and repairing the root area of a tooth, you’re likely to feel some pain in the days following the procedure. This might range from a dull ache to a sharp pain, but it shouldn’t be so bad that it debilitates you.

    When you have a root canal, it’s important to have it done at a reputable location by a dentist with experience performing the procedure. Follow after-care instructions very carefully to promote adequate and proper healing.

    Notify your dentist right away if something doesn’t feel right or you’re worried that the root canal wasn’t fully successful. A follow-up can help detect possible problems and treat them before they get worse.

  46. MARY Says:

    I had root canal 6 years ago with horrible pus taste in mouth. Yesterday they cleaned it out and there was cotton in it.

  47. Leslie Hunt Says:

    If you can find a dentist you trust, you’re very lucky, because even the holistic ones are not always trustworthy. My most recent dentist, Dr. Thomas Gent at Sola Dental, talked me out of my root-canaled molars and botched the replacements. I ended up with massive gum and bone loss and now will likely lose most of the rest of my teeth! I am suing him and he is under investigation with the state dental board. Do not spend your money and threaten your health! I was just fine with root canals. My health really went downhill after all the surgeries, antibiotics, and corrective surgeries. It’s taken two years and I am always depressed. I was disfigured for 18 months. What I wouldn’t give to still have those root canaled teeth that caused me no problems!

  48. Chance Says:

    I also had a root canal about 2 years ago and wasn’t able to afford an actual crown put on it. Through my personal research I read that some people we able to get crowns up to a few years after the procedure so i figured I could wait a little bit for some more money to knock it out. After all; my pain was gone. About a year in I had a MAJOR body rash that erupted and I had NO idea what had happened. I’m an extremely healthy marathon runner and I had zero understanding what happened. I took some antibiotics and it subsided two months later.

    Recently my root canaled tooth cracked and a terrible odor erupted into my mouth. My skydiving instructor could smell it in the plane WITH THE DOOR OPEN! I’ve gotten extremely dizzy and nauseous. I’m really tempted to just pull the tooth out myself because it’s cracked to the point where it’s loose. But I am almost certain I’ll reintroduce a ton of Bacteria into my system if that happened. So I’m going to have it done professionally as soon as I get some money together. Any suggestions on how to kill the smell/bacteria between now and then?

  49. Moyra Figueroa Says:

    I’ve been reading on the dangers of root canals and it kinda all makes sense. I have 3 , and I am seriously thinking about removing them. Do you have any advise?

  50. Michael Says:

    It is absolutely true that some people have root canals go wrong. This is a matter of differences in your immune systems, the skill of the dentist, and seriousness of the infection houses within the abscess that you are attempting to heal with the root canal. This being said, it is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous to say that if you have root canals it is more than likely the cause. The treatment is widely used and the reason you only find concerns on crackpot blogs like this is due to a VAST MAJORITY of root canals being just fine. There will absolutely be issues and edge cases in the minority. But the idea that they are bad as a whole is ridiculous .

  51. Carmen Mercado Says:

    Thanks so much for your wife experience.I am having lots of symptoms after one and half month of my root canal and I am definitely going to take it out.I truly believe all that you said.It’s better to learn from others experience.Can you recommend a holistic dentist or the doctor you mention, thanks

  52. bea Says:

    I had my root canal removed just 3 days before after a decade and it was the best feeling ever! I can still smell a slight foul odor but hopefully it will be gone. Unlike before the area had a veryyyyy foul smell!! Its embarrasing I dont even want to talk. I’m going back to the dentist for cleaning after a month and my gums is completely healed.

  53. Jess Says:

    Even after all the things I’ve read over the years regarding the dangers of root canals, I just got a root canal done today – my first & only one.. I was convinced not to pull the tooth because supposedly 34 years old is too young to be missing a tooth. Every single person I asked for advice on whether to RC or pull it told me, “Save the tooth.” Having the root canal just a few hours ago, the numbness is starting to wear off. I just looked in the mirror & the abcess has doubled in size. Maybe this is normal, but I jumped on the internet & googled root canals, found this website… And now after reading this page I’m terrified & wondering how tf I let people convince me to do something I’ve known is unhealthy & dangerous for years!?! Dr. Mercola, please save me!!! My dentist looked at me like I was an idiot when I told him I was considering pulling the tooth… It’s so true, all of it. They make their money by convincing you to keep a dead, rotting tooth in your face, and charge big bucks to pretend everything is ok & all you need is maintenance on your little face cadaver, which your body is constantly rejecting because the tooth is not living tissue…. Your mouth could potentially become the smelly tomb of your mummified dead tooth. Could open a freakin Egyptian myseum in your mouth if the putrid smell doesn’t turn away all the visitors. :/ My tooth doesn’t smell, but I swear to jeebus if it starts to I’m going to be so upset.

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