May 13
Do you see that?

Do you see that?

Yesterday, my wife showed me a Leggo’s tomato paste and said, “Look at this.”

Hmm… Looks like some mold is growing in the tomato paste. How can that happen? I checked the expiry date again. It was 08-08-2010. So I asked my wife, “Did you hear the ‘pop’ sound when you open the lid?”

“Yes I did” she replied. This shows the tomato paste has been contaminated before it was sealed. So it was the problem in the production process. Here are the mold photos.

Hmmm... this seems out of place

Hmmm... This shouldn't be here

Can you see the fur?

Can you see the fur?

Then we thought of throwing away the upper half and cook only the bottom half of the tomato paste. However to be safe, I checked with my biologist sister. Well, she said better don’t eat it at all. The mold growth was just an indicator. Maybe there were other types of germ inside, such as the Botulinum.

I didn’t like the prospect of running for toilet after eating this tomato spaghetti. So we decided not to use it at all.

We bought this Leggo’s tomato paste at Jusco Bukit Indah in Johor Bahru just a few days ago. At first we intended to ask for a refund or exchange but the receipt was nowhere to be found. So I can just take a few photos and throw it away.

I chose this brand because the label says: “No artificial colours, No artificial flavors, No added preservatives”

Well, is the mold growth caused by absence of preservatives? Is tomato paste with added preservatives safer to take? I’m not sure about this. But the manufacturer should have done many tests to confirm their product safety even without adding preservatives. So this problem may be caused either by their production system flaw or human error.

Actually I’ve bought tomato paste from Leggo’s brand before this. But I probably won’t choose this brand again. Luckily the mold had grown big enough for us to see it. If not, we may have eaten it and had to run for toilet many times.

What was our replacement for tomato paste? I rushed to Pacific hypermarket and bought the paste from Dolmio brand. Once again, no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Just in time for our tomato spaghetti lunch :)

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7 Responses to “Mold in tomato paste”

  1. kengkiat Says:

    well, I will check balance stock in jusco bukit indah.
    If I can see the mold before open it, I will “hamtan” them “kaw kaw”

  2. James Pang Says:

    You can hardly see the mold from outside. But you can buy the remaining tomato paste in Jusco and eat it everyday. If you have any diarrhea, then you can “hamtan” them “kaw kaw”

  3. kengkiat Says:

    no need to buy.
    Yesterday went there, all from same batch, expire on 8/8/2010. Cant see the mold but got 1 can the lid is already pop up, can hear the sound.
    fill in a form to complaint
    My request is down the product from shelf
    And I also provide both u and my name, phone number
    maybe they will call u or call me

  4. James Pang Says:

    Looks like you’re a very responsible Bukit Indah resident. :)

  5. kengkiat Says:

    tell me more about your story about the product change. change back to same brand?

  6. James Pang Says:

    Haven’t changed back. I rushed to other place while my wife and her family continued shopping. And the tomato paste was in the car. Next time maybe.

  7. kengkiat Says:

    i thought you threw it already

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