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When I was 14 years old, I woke up one morning feeling something wrong with my left eye. It swelled seriously until my eye could only open a little. Looking in the mirror I saw my left eye was very red. The eye ball white part was also slightly raised above the black part. There was no pain and no itchiness. Just slightly uncomfortable.

“Dad, look at my eye,” I went to my dad.

“Huh! What happened to you eye? Is your vision okay?” my dad examined my eye.

“Yes I can see,” I answered.

“Let’s go to see a doctor,” my dad said.

At the clinic, doctor gave me some yellowish eye drop. “Luckily his eye ball is not damaged,” the doctor told my dad.

And in the afternoon, my left eye was normal again. No more swelling and no more redness. What caused my red and swollen eye?

Possible cause

Did I rub my eye unconsciously while sleeping, until it swell and become red? Since I was a small kid, I had a habit of rubbing eyes while sleeping. Once, I was caught red handed by my dad while rubbing my eyes. I was rubbing my eye with one hand and my dad grabbed my hand. So I used the other hand to rub my other eye and my dad grabbed it too. With both my hands held, I didn’t struggle but continued my sleep.

Later when I married, my wife also noticed the same thing. And once, she also grabbed my hand while I was rubbing my eye. I used the other hand to rub again and she grabbed it again. Then I stayed motionless and continued to sleep.

Did I experience some sort of eye allergy? My sister told me she saw an eye photo similar to my eye condition, at a specialist hospital. Under the photo, it stated allergy. So I guess my eye must be allergy to something. Dust mites maybe.

Persisting problem

From that day onward, I experienced similar eye swelling and redness once every few weeks. Sometimes it reoccurred after several days. Sometimes it reoccurred after a few months. It always happen while I sleep.

I often realize it after I wake up. But sometimes, I woke up in the middle of the night due to my eye discomfort. It felt a bit sore and a bit “spicy”. I still could stand it though.

This symptom always disappear after several hours while I was awake. If I wake up at 9am with this swollen eye, it would usually disappear by 2pm. But my eye would become sore throughout the day.

And if I wake up at 3am with this swollen eye, I dare not sleep anymore. If I continue to sleep, it would get worse. So I need to stay awake for 1 to 2 hours and wait for the eye redness to reduce. By then, I would continue my sleep.

Most of the time, my left eye was affected. But sometimes it was my right eye. On some occasion, my both eyes were affected!

Well, this was a nightmare for me.

Finding solution

Of course I must find a solution to end this annoying problem. What have I tried?

  • Asked doctor. He said I need to see an eye specialist doctor for this. But I didn’t go. I knew seeing specialist doctor and using eye drop will only make it worse.
  • Cleaned my pillow case and bed sheet regularly
  • Changed to a new anti dust mite pillow and pillow case
  • Used anti dust mite bed and bed sheet
  • Used an extra layer of anti dust mite bed cover
  • Slept on a reclining chair (I thought sleeping flat caused the problem. I tried once only because I didn’t sleep well on the chair)
  • Changed room and house (Maybe the air, dust or the fengshui cause it. Once, I changed to the next room and slept with my friend but found both eyes swollen the next morning! )
  • Slept on sofa in the living room
  • Tied up my hand while sleeping (Tried this last year to avoid rubbing my eye unconsciously)
  • Took Ganoderma herb, Cordyceps herb and Longheh Tea at full dosage for 2 months hoping to cure it once and for all. (Spent RM 3000+ or USD 850+ on this. At the end, eye problem still there but my 200-300 pcs of white hair turned black 90% permanently)
  • Used Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy (Using it on and off for more than 5 years)
  • Read “The Secret”. Before I sleep, I thought to myself my eyes will feel good when I wake up next morning. (Used it several times before getting lazy)

Well… I must say all above methods failed to even improve my eye problem, not to mention cure. And I’ve been living with this eye problem for 17 years. I can describe this as a “gentle torture” on my eyes.


Today is 5th April 2009. I can proudly say my eye problem has disappeared for 3 months. I don’t think I’ve ever experience redness-free eye for 3 months continuously.

So what cured my swollen and red eye?

It was the “Deep Level Communication“. It took me less than 10 minutes to see something from the past that caused my red eye and dissolved it. It was on early January this year. I’m excited to say: It worked!

I attended the “Deep Level Communication” course end of last year, 2008 in Kuala Lumpur. In this 4-day course, I had a 10-hour session of “Deep Level Communication”. The purpose was to remove the “seed” from my past which affects my present.

4 weeks before attending this course, my eye problem occurred more frequently. My eye swelled and became red once every 2 to 3 days. Sometimes it happened everyday. During the course in Kuala Lumpur, the eye problem stopped for a few days. But when I came back to Kluang, the eye problem continued to occur at this high frequency. It was unbearable!

One afternoon in early January 2009, 1 to 2 weeks after returning from that course, I was in my bed with my eyes closed. I was awake and fully conscious. And suddenly I see something in my mind.

What did I see?

I saw someone lying on wooden bed, wearing ancient Chinese cloth. Both his eyes were struck vertically by a pair of chopstick, one chopstick on each eye. His eyes bleed. And he seems to lie still without any struggle. Who did that to him?

I did. I saw myself wearing golden cloth. I seemed like a person of high rank. A prince perhaps. And I blinded him with a pair of chopstick.

At that point, I didn’t look further. Maybe that was only my imagination. However, I’ve never seen or read story of people blinded by chopstick.

Following what I’ve learn, I expressed my apology and regret, and seek forgiveness from him. I did it quickly though because I was doubting what I saw was true.

A few days later, this scene came into my mind again. This time, I took more time to sincerely ask for his forgiveness. Eventually I felt his forgiveness. I saw him smiling. He forgave me. So I did one more step to let him go to the place he should go.

From that day onward, my eyes never swell or become red when I wake up in the morning. As I said, my eye problem happened in higher frequency before this. So this was a sudden stop.

Is this true?

This incident not only happens to me. There are thousands and thousands of similar cases in different countries. Many people experienced sudden change in their present life by changing their “seed” in their past.

With this, I’ve taken my hat off to this “Deep Level Communication” method.

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10 Responses to “I had an eye problem”

  1. kengkiat Says:

    it cost u how much to attend this course?

  2. James Pang Says:

    The course includes teaching theory, basic steps to do “Deep Level Communication” for others and also 10 hour session of DLC by a professional DLC communicator. The total is RM 5500

    For 10 hour session of DLC only, the amount is RM 1500.

    If you’re interested, I can do the DLC for you for free with my basic DLC method.

  3. kengkiat Says:

    what level of DLC u r in?

    What if I did not see my past life but see some “dirty” things :P

    what if ???? (just joking)

  4. James Pang Says:

    I just learn the basic technique from the first course. It only covers 10% of the overall technique. However with this basic technique, we can already get wonderful improvement.

    The second course (advanced) covers the other DLC techniques. This 6-day course costs RM 10,000. For another RM 2,500+ we can apply for DLC examination. Passing this test qualifies us as a certified professional DLC communicator. Currently, there are less than 50 communicators in Malaysia and Singapore.

    By “dirty” things, do you mean ghost or spirit? Actually this is very normal. These are only “thoughts” which linger around when the physical body is gone. Most of the time, hatred is the main cause. By dissolving the hatred in proper way, we can guide these “thoughts” to go to the place they should go.

    Most people are scared of this so called spirit. So they chase them around with various spiritual method as if the spirit is very evil. With DLC, we will invite this spirit and listen to them. We will help to dissolve their main trouble that cause them to be here.

  5. Xyen Says:

    Hi, is there a website whereby i can find out more about this DLC.. does it require supervision as u perform this?


  6. James Pang Says:

    Hi Xyen,

    These are their websites:

    All written in Chinese. If you’re like me who is not so good in reading Chinese, you can use Google Translate.

    Unless we are having examination, no one will supervise us when performing DLC. Professional communicator, with their extra training and experience, can guide you to find your “seeds” faster and more precise.

    Basic communicator like me can still do the DLC. Maybe it takes a longer time to clear up all your inner “seeds”. And some “seeds” may not be effectively clear up. With understanding of the basic principles, we won’t create any extra “seeds” for someone. So, there will be no side effects.

    You are 100% conscious. And you can stop the session anytime. It’s just like closing your eyes and describe what happened yesterday. If you can do this, you can describe what happened 100 years ago, and even 1000 years ago. Under proper guidance of course.

    You can also ask someone you trust to accompany you during the DLC session. Before beginning, we will swear not to disclose what you say to others.

  7. kengkiat Says:

    it sound interesting.

    I think I will go to Johor branch to find out more.

    I wonder how much it cost for the ‘treatment” (not course)

  8. James Pang Says:


    For 10 hour session of DLC only, the amount is RM 1500. It is divided into four 2.5 hour session in two days. Usually, one session is done in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The next day, this schedule is repeated again.

    Before you start your session, here are a few things to follow:

    1. Make sure you have enough sleep.
    2. Avoid taking any medicine or alcohol on that day or the previous day.
    3. Relax and don’t think of anything. Avoid having thoughts such as “I want to see my past life!” or “I want to solve the relationship problem with my wife!” or “I want to solve my headache problem!”

    It’s normal to have some motives before doing it. But on that day, let go of all your problems. Blank your mind. This is very important!

    I personally think it’s better to attend this course and learn this technique yourself. With this, you can exchange DLC session with other students (who attended the basic course) for free. You can also use the DLC room in center all over the world for free (for DLC session between students only).

    We have existed millions of years. 10 hours is really not enough to clear up all our “seeds”. However, you can also see a lot of improvement only with 10 hours of DLC.

    Just remember to open up your mind and free your heart.

  9. weien Says:

    Hi, I have suffered exactly the same problem like you. I tend to rub my eyes vigorously while sleeping. My friend once tried to grab my hands but she told me I will pull her hands off violently. I tried wearing gloves to avoid rubbing my eyes but also did not work.The next day my eyes will be still swollen and red. Though not that frequent, I really scared my eyesight will eventually be affected and now suffered from eyelid eczema.
    I never heard before the course that you mentioned above, is it a kind of sleep therapy? I have the urge to try but because of the cost, I think I can’t really afford=( How am I going to end this misery?

  10. James Says:

    Hi Weien,

    You can contact our KL office. Sometimes there will be some volunteer and practicing student looking for subject for communication session. It is free. But they are not professional communicator. It depends on your luck to meet up with a good communicator. The best way is to appoint a professional communicator to save time and have results. Here is the contact info:

    No. 1-3 Jalan PJU 5/4
    Dataran Sunway,
    Kota Damansara 47810
    Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Tel: 03-6141 6670
    Fax: 03-6141 6671

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