Mar 18
Smell something?

Smell something?

Do you have a car freshener fixed to the air conditioning vent? If you have, here’s my advise for you:

Throw it away now!

Let say your car freshener has lemon flavor. It lets you breathe in lemon smell while driving. Feels good?

Let me ask you something. Do you think the lemon smell is from actual lemon extract? Or is it from chemical with artificial lemon smell? It’s from the chemical of course.

What happens when you inhale this artificial flavor into your body through your lung? Does your body say, “Look! Here’s what we want. Nutrients!”

Or does your body say, “Oh shit! Not this chemical again! Now we have to get rid of it.”

When you take in something your body doesn’t need, it has to expel it out. When the chemical is not completely expelled, it accumulates in your body over time. And you know what happens next.

Unfortunately, air freshener contains several types of chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer or disrupt your hormone balance. And there you are, inhaling these toxic chemicals in your car while driving. And since your car windows are usually closed, it makes the matter even worse. Lack of proper ventilation causes increasing concentration of these toxic chemicals as you drive.

Therefore, do not use any kind of air freshener or perfume in your car, your house and even on your own body.

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