Jan 25

For 28 years, I didn’t floss my teeth. I just brush it twice a day. I knew about dental floss. And I’ve tried it once or twice but I was afraid my gum will bleed.

Few years ago, I went to a dentist in my hometown for teeth cleaning. I had never visited this dental clinic before. It was recommended by my girl friend who is now my wife.

After my teeth cleaning was done, this old dentist asked me to hold a small mirror to see my teeth. My god… I saw my gum bleed in many places! It bleed slightly though.

Then the dentist told me which area he had cleaned. At last he said, “You must floss your teeth every day. Just like this…”  And I looked at him flossing my teeth through the mirror. I thought, “My god… my gum was bleeding and you still floss my teeth!” Well, it was just a slight pain. Nothing to worry about.



That night, I tried to floss each of my teeth after brushing my teeth. Oppss… I saw some leftover food and plaque coming out. The more I flossed, the more these stuffs came out. Hmm… looks like brushing teeth is not enough to remove these food residuals. So from that day onwards, I floss my teeth every day.

Sometimes, I was very tired and wanted to sleep immediately. But thinking of the dirty stuff sticking in between my teeth forced me to floss my teeth before sleep.

What about you?

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