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Do you have silver dental filling in your mouth? If yes, here is what you need to know about it. The silver filling uses amalgam and about half of it consists of mercury.

Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin which means it poisons your nerve.  Too much mercury in your body causes birth defect and other mental disorders. And injecting tiny amount of mercury in your blood stream is enough to kill you.

So if you have amalgam filing in your mouth, the mercury may unknowingly being absorbed into your blood stream. It also vaporizes with heat, which you may inhale it. For a prolonged time, you may get some health problems related to mercury intoxication.

However, your body has the mechanism to expel out mercury through chemical reactions. So if you have 2 or 3 mercury filling, you may seem okay. But those with 7 or 9 amalgam fillings may start to get many incurable health problems.

Without amalgam filling, health problems gone

I recently met a holistic doctor who specializes in this area. He said his decades of nose allergy and serious dandruff were gone after he took out all his amalgam fillings. And his daughter’s years of migraine was gone after she took out her 9 amalgam fillings.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. This doctor had many other similar experience with his clients. Most improved their health in one way or another after their amalgam fillings were gone.

So if you have any amalgam filling in your mouth, I highly recommend you to take it out even you’re perfectly fine right now. You don’t know when mercury intoxication problem will surface. And you don’t want to burden your body to detoxify it every day. You can change the filling to non-mercury type. Ceramic filling is the recommended type, may be more expensive. This makes you look better too.

Which one you prefer?

Which one you prefer?

Important precaution

Some people may even have higher blood mercury level after they take out their amalgam filling. Why is it so?

Well, to take out the filling, dentist must heat it up first. In this process, mercury vaporizes and you may breathe in the mercury vapor. However, there is one precaution you can take.

You can request your dentist to use a special fitting attached to your tooth with filling. It is then attached to suction tube where unwanted mercury vapor can be sucked out. You may still inhale a little mercury vapor but the amount is much lower.

You must also remember to take out one or two small fillings at any one time. If you have bigger filling, just take out one at a time. Then rest for one or two weeks before taking out another one or two fillings. Continue this until your dentist changed all your amalgam fillings.

If you have 7 amalgam fillings, never take all out at the same time. If not, you risk getting even higher mercury intoxication.

For myself, I’ve changed all my 3 small dental fillings to non-mercury type 3 years ago. My dentist friend in Singapore helped me with that. However, I took it out all at once without fitting to suck out the mercury vapor. Well, luckily nothing serious happened. But please don’t take any chances.

Herb to detoxify mercury

One of the best herb to expel accumulated mercury in your body is the Ganoderma or Reishi mushroom. It works naturally, without causing any side effects. Here’s my recommendation…

Before your first dental visit to remove amalgam filling, take 6 capsules of Ganoderma every day, for 2 weeks. After your first visit, continue taking Ganoderma for another 2 weeks before your second dental visit. Continue this until all fillings are taken out. After your last dental visit, continue to take Ganoderma for another 2 to 4 weeks.

In this way, you will reduce mercury intoxication risk to a minimum level. Can you continue taking Ganoderma after that? Of course. You’re not getting mercury from amalgam filling alone. Fishes and sea foods may contain mercury in varying amount due to water pollution. Plants may also contain mercury due to soil pollution. It seems quite impossible to avoid getting a few small doses of this toxin into your body every day.

So it’s best if you can take 2 to 4 capsules of Ganoderma for long term. This keeps your body free from unwanted heavy metals.

Should you ask your dentist?

As with root canal treatment, don’t waste your time asking your dentist about danger of amalgam filling. My wife did. And the old dentist in my hometown told her, “Who says so? Amalgam filling has been used for many decades without any problem. You see… your filling is still solid and intact.” And he gently knocked on her filling a few times to show it was in good condition.

If you’re serious about avoiding mercury intoxication risk, just go to your dentist and request to change one or two of your amalgam filling. If you have more fillings, don’t take out all at once. Remember?

If your dentist ask why you want to change it since the filling is still good. Just smile and say, “I want to look better” :)

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6 Responses to “Amalgam dental filling danger”

  1. Ian Says:

    There are two major problems with amalgam fillings. Toxicity and metal sensitivity. Toxicity is obvious, the metals poison you, but sensitivity is less well understood. The metals in your mouth leech ions that then bind to your cells. In most people this isn’t a problem, but for some people the metal ions bound to the cell membranes is enough of a change for the immune system to be activated and destroy the cell, causing an auto immune disease. It could be any of the metals in an amalgam filling doing this, not necessarily mercury. A lot of women get rashes when they wear cheap jewellery, it’s often nickel that brings them out in a rash. Nickel is used widely in dentistry. What’s that going to do to your insides if you have a metal sensitivity ? Cataclysm.

  2. James Says:

    Ian, thanks for the info.

  3. Rachel Says:


    May I know which dentist did you go to for dental amalgam removal?

  4. James Says:

    You can look for Dr Chin at Dental On The Bay. He has a tool to suck out mercury vapor. This reduces your risk of inhaling mercury vapor. His dental clinic detail is at: http://dentalonthebay.com/

  5. Andrew Lee Says:

    Hi James, yr article was really useful. I am seriously considering that amalgam may be a source for my recent medical problems. Could you help me out with these questions:

    1. What brand of Ganoderma did you use?
    2. What’s the estimated cost of using ceramic? Or the whole procedure?

    Appreciate yr help


  6. James Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I recommend Longheh Ganoderma, which is cultivated using log wood method for better effectiveness. More information at: http://www.ganoderma-for-health.com/longheh-lingzhi.html

    A simple dental filling should be less than SGD 100. The cost may be higher if the filling is bigger or more difficult to remove. Please note that you need to have the mercury vapor sucked out using a special fitting. For this, you can look for Dr Chin at Dental On The Bay, Vivocity or Marina Sands.

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