Feb 27
FX36 - Compact and easy to use

FX36 - Compact and easy to use

A year ago, I bought a Panasonic FX36 point and shoot digital camera for my wife’s birthday present. This replaced her old and sluggish Olympus digital camera.

At first, I was thinking of buying an entry level digital SLR for her. But the operation complexity and bulkiness of dSLR didn’t suit her. So I opted for point and shoot digital camera instead for operation simplicity and compact size.

She could put the FX36 in her handbag and carry it everywhere she goes. Whenever seeing something she likes, she just takes out the camera, point and shoot. She often takes photo of flower design and indoor decoration for her design reference. Therefore, my choice for P&S digital camera proved useful for my wife.

I myself is not an artistic type of person. I have not much interest in photography either. On the other hand, my sister loves photography. She invested a lot of time and money in her digital SLR and lenses. Currently she uses Nikon D80 with a collection of 5 lenses.

Click here to visit her photography blog

Seeing her photo makes mine look inferior, especially during these few days when we took many baby photos. How I wish to take great photo for my baby. Therefore, I decide to invest in my own digital SLR camera. My first choice would be the entry level dSLR Nikon D60. I should be buying it these few days.

Look out D60! Here I come!

Nikon D60 - On my radar now...

Nikon D60 - On my radar screen

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