Feb 28

I know. I know…

This is an unfair comparison. D60 surely beats FX36 hands down in photo quality. But this is what I want to know. How much better D60 is. I assume dSLR produces far better photo quality compared to Point and Shoot camera. So let’s see how much better it is.

First shot, noodles…

FX36 - F/2.9 1/10sec. ISO-100

FX36 - F/2.9 1/10sec. ISO-100

D60 - F/5.3 1/3sec. ISO-100

D60 - F/5.3 1/3sec. ISO-100

This morning, I had a bowl of noodle with broccoli, tomato, carrot and mushroom. What a healthy breakfast! My wife prepared this for my breakfast because we have no more bread to eat. I wish we don’t have bread everyday :)

Before eating the noodle, I took a few shots using D60 and FX36 for comparison. The room is not very bright. And I set both camera to ISO-100 to compare the best picture quality. So the image is slightly darker. This don’t bother me much before we only want the comparison.

I resized and cropped both photos with Adobe Photoshop. However there is no adjustment in brightness, contrast and level. Both are saved in JPEG high quality mode.

From both photos above, you can clearly see the difference. D60 produces clearer photo with richer color compared to FX36. Now, let’s see the pixel level comparison for both photos…

FX36 - actual size

FX36 - actual size

D60 - actual size

D60 - actual size

Here, you can clearly see FX36 photo has a lot of noise while D60 photo is virtually noise-free. Both photo are taken at 2.5 mega pixels.

It’s pretty clear dSLR produces much better images than P&S camera. However, it’s also amazing how a compact camera can give such a photo quality with its small form factor.

So if you’re thinking of whether to buy dSLR or P&S camera, the decision is simple. Choose dSLR for quality. Choose P&S for portability.

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4 Responses to “Nikon D60 vs Panasonic FX36”

  1. Moi Yih Says:

    congrats on your new camera! how about a comparison using same aperture and same shutter speed?

  2. James Pang Says:

    FX36 aperture is from F2.8 to F5.6 without manual control. My current D60 lens aperture is from F3.5 to F32. So it’s impossible to use both at the same aperture.

  3. kengkiat Says:

    Body for DSLR is expensive and the price for lenses are expensive also. It may require some skills to take good photo. DSLR cost us >Rm2500

    Compact camere like FX36 is easy to use, with good portability but the photo quality is not so good in some extreme enviroment (example, dark room). Compact camera is usually less than RM1200

    Aftter consider above, I purchase a DSLR like camera last year (Panasonic FX18) with RM1800. It is 8 mega pixal with 18X optical zooms. The portability is not so good but much better than DSLR. This camera is good enough for a non-profesional user like me.

    End of last year, Panasonic launch FZ28 with 10 megapixal and optical zoom remain un-change. Now market price for FX28 is about Rm1400 only. This camera is worth to buy.

  4. James Pang Says:

    My Nikon D60 cost me less than RM2000 while Panasonic FX36 cost me RM1200 last year. I’ve seen Panasonic FX18 before. It is positioned in the middle of compact and SLR camera.

    RM1400 for FZ28 is indeed worth consideration for those looking for higher photo quality without the high price of SLR.

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