Jul 30

After shooting a lot of blurry baby photos using the Nikon D60 kit lens, I finally decided to buy a new lens. I wanted to shoot moving baby photo in low light condition, without using flash. So the choice is quite straight forward. It is a single-focal-length lens with large aperture, the AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G.

I bought it for RM 820 at Mee Too Plaza Angsana, the shop where I previously bought the Nikon D60 camera. Let’s see how it compares to the original D60 kit lens.

Here are some advantages of this new lens compared to the kit lens.

  • better picture sharpness and contrast
  • more backgroud blur effect at larger aperture
  • faster shutter speed at larger aperture
  • more compact in size

Overall, this 35mm lens is great for shooting photo in low light condition and also shooting moving object like baby. We can set the aperture to maximum f/1.8 to get faster shutter speed. The overall picture also looks better. The only drawback is the inablity to zoom.

Here are 2 different photos taken at the same aperture f/5.6 with shutter speed 0.77s for comparison.

Kit lens 18-55 mm

Kit lens 18-55 mm

35 mm lens

Single-focal-length 35 mm lens


We can see the 35 mm lens produces sharper image. Compare the bear’s mouth and hand. The fur is more detailed with the 35 mm lens.

Notice also the kit lens produces more background blur (depth of field) although both photos were taken at the same aperture. Of course, the 35 mm lens will give more background blur at bigger aperture opening such as f/1.8.

After several shots using this new lens, I am very satisfied with the improved clarity and speed. In the future, I would definitely use it more instead of the kit lens. This AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1.8G lens is highly recommended for taking picture in dimly lit environment or moving object without using flash.

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