Have you ever ask yourself the following questions?

  • Why I am often hurt by a particular person?
  • Why I hate a particular person for no reason at all?
  • Why I couldn’t achieve success in my career while my colleagues are doing great?
  • Why I am having this troublesome sickness?
  • Why I keep facing the same relationship problem over and over again?
  • Why I often get angry over tiny matter even though I know it is wrong?
  • Why I fear something or someone for no reason at all?
  • Why I always quarrel with my family, relatives and friends?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • What is my past life, if there is any?

Deep Level Communication or DLC is devised to answer the above questions you may have. Some of the question may sound religious. But the truth is, DLC is mostly based on scientific research and quantum physics.

In religious teaching, we learn and take in information from outside. We listen to religious leader’s teaching and we read religious book. Sometimes, we may also doubt some of the teaching.

But with DLC, it is the other way round. No one teaches you anything. You yourself will answer your own question. You will find wisdom within your heart. The marvel of this universe lies inside you.

So how is DLC session done? Well, it all begins with a simple question, “What happen recently that makes you feel uneasy?” And the rest is question and answer. The DLC conductor will ask question while you provide the answer. Of course, all question follows a carefully guided system. At the end, you provide all the information while the DLC conductor only guide you on which information to look for.

Unlike hypnosis, you are always in a conscious state. In fact, the more conscious you are, the better. That’s why you’re required to have good sleep and rest well before attending DLC session.

The main objective of DLC is to search for the “seed” or root cause for your current uncomfortable situation, or “fruit”. Once found, there is certain technique to uproot it and break up its reoccuring effect. From this, we can also turn it into invaluable wisdom to understand more about your life.

Once again, all these are done by yourself under the guidance of DLC conductor. The conductor never give additional information to you or help you directly in any way. The conductor only assist you in understanding your life and helping yourself to break up any negative patterns you may have.

For more information on DLC, please contact me.