Aug 08

Paypal is a convenient tool for transfering money to anyone with an email. You can also use Paypal to make online purchase and receive payment for your online business. I have been using Paypal for more than 4 years to accept online credit card order for health supplements.

Recently, my Paypal withdrawal limit is increased from a daily limit of USD 500 to USD 2500. Here’s how I found out.

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Jul 25

If you have surplus cash money, where should you keep it? Here are some of the alternatives:

  • Deposit your money in saving account
  • Put it in fixed deposit account
  • Hide it under your pillow

The above methods are easy to do. But your return can barely cover inflation rate. That means your buying power reduces every year even after adding in the tiny interest earning.

You can also invest in stock or property. But it takes time and money to really acquire the knowledge of investing in these two popular investment vehicles. Of course, you can get a higher return. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may risk getting hurt financially.

So where can you keep your money for significant return without too much risk?

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Jul 24

Ever wondered why your money amount doesn’t increase no matter how much you earn?

Several years ago, I did wonder about this question. As a design engineer, I had a nice salary. And I got double salary amount when I was temporarily transferred to China to work. However, I realized my year end bank account total was still the same as the beginning of that year. In another word, I spent whatever I earned in that year.

Of course buying what I liked was nice. But financially, I stayed stagnant for a year. And this didn’t sound good. Having the same experience? What can you do about it?

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Jun 09

Several days ago, I went to Maybank to deposit some cash into my account. For my last deposit, two pieces of RM50 were rejected by the cash deposit machine. I took it out and felt something wrong with one of the notes. It was too thick.

I looked at that RM50 note though ceiling light. No watermark of our King. Great, I got a fake RM 50 note!

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May 01
My credit cards

My credit cards

Currently I have 8 credit cards. And these exclude the HSBC and OCBC card I’ve just canceled.

When someone has so many credit cards on hand, it can only mean 2 things. Either he is creating a financial disaster or he is excellent at managing money. Lucky for me, I’m not having a financial disaster :)

Today, applying for a new credit card is as easy as filling in a form. With a credit card on hand, you can use it to apply for other cards easily – without any salary or income tax slip. And this creates a big problem for many people at managing their financial.

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Mar 01

Jack and Jim want to earn some money. They both have different plan for that.

Jack creates “something” that earns him 10 cents everyday. It may take 1 to 3 hours to create it. But when it’s completed, Jack gets 10 cents the next day, another 10 cents the day after, and so on. This 1 to 3 hour work keeps earning Jack 10 cents everyday, forever. So Jack creates one of this each day. After 30 days, Jack has 30 of these “something” that earn him $3 per day.

On the other hand, Jim finds a job with $1000 monthly salary. He works 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. At the end of the month, Jim receives his $1000 salary. The next month, Jim has to work again to get another $1000.

How will both Jim and Jack fare financially? Let’s do the math…

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Feb 19

Last night I went back home to calculate money collected from my Magnetic therapy health center. When I was counting the RM100 notes, I realized one piece was rather strange. That particular note felt very smooth compared to the other notes. I took it up and examined it.

Oppsss… I got a fake RM100 note!

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