My name is Pang… James PangĀ  :)

Well, about me… I’m a shy guy living in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. If you don’t know where Malaysia is, it’s situated to the north of Singapore. If you still don’t know where Singapore is, please brush up your Geography.

From my name, you should know I’m a Chinese. My grandfather was from China. The Chinese consists of 30+% of total Malaysia population. Malay is the majority at 60+% while Indian is less than 10%. I hope this figure is still correct.

I was born in 30th December 1977, second last day of the year. So this year 2009, I’m 32 years old, not young and not old :)

I’m married and my baby boy is still in my wife’s stomach. So, I’m going to be very busy soon…

About this blog

Well, I’m actually quite happy to start my blog. Here, I will share my knowledge and point of view in various topics. My interests are internet marketing, computer, car, physical and spiritual health.

My profession was in Industrial Engineering. And I worked as a designer for electrical plug and adapter for 3 years. But now, my work are no longer related to engineering. It’s now mostly related to sales and service of health care products. I’m still wondering how I made this drastic transition.

I’ve also written a few commercial database applications using MS Visual Basic. I found my interest is more to the programming side.

Here’s my other websites:






Well, some are doing well and some are still sleeping :)

See you…

James Pang

James Pang

(above photo was cropped from my wedding photo :) )